A man suddenly grabbed the steering wheel of a bus, a life-or-death situation, thanks to the 18-year-old

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Recently, Sichuan Ziyang Anyue County, a bus carrying more than 20 people suddenly thrilling scene: a male passenger got up and the driver said a few words, suddenly grabbed the steering wheel!Critical moment, thanks to a young man, early judgment, quick moves, 3 seconds to the man down to the ground.The young man named Li Guo, 18 years old this year, is the suining applied senior technical school of the third grade students.Because of “Li”, courageous and promising, a positive energy reward every day, praise for him!Video surveillance showed that a man dressed in black got up and approached the driver at around 16:13 p.m. on February 12 while the bus was moving normally. After a few words with the driver, he suddenly grabbed the driver’s steering wheel with both hands and tried to turn to the right.”There were more than 20 passengers on the bus and it was a dangerous situation.”The driver of the bus recalled that on the same day, he set off from Dongmen station, about 4 or 5 kilometers away, a man in his 40s came up from the last row and asked him, “There are three more people?”‘I didn’t realise what he was talking about until I realised there were three unsold seats.’According to the driver, he told the man it was dangerous to stand up because the car was moving and “just told him to go back to his seat when all of a sudden he reached over and grabbed my steering wheel.”Surveillance video shows the driver holding on to the steering wheel, then braking the car to a halt in a matter of seconds.Then, a young man in gray and black clothes quickly came forward, will grab the steering wheel of the man away, and its uniform control.The young man who came forward is Li Guo, an 18-year-old student in the third grade of e-commerce major in 2019 (autumn) of Suining Applied Senior Technical School.”On the day of the incident, he (the man involved) was already sitting in the car when I got on the bus,” li said on Feb. 18, still shell-shocked after returning to school.He told reporters that he and the man sat in the back row after getting on the bus.”For about 10 minutes, he suddenly stood up and said something very loud, asking [the driver] to go faster. I don’t think the driver heard him and ignored him.”After a while, Li Guo found that the man directly got up and headed for the driving seat, at this time, he instinctively felt a little uneasy.Thinking of the usual news, Li Guo mind for the next may meet the situation to make a judgment, he thinks the man may appear extreme behavior, with this assumption, when the man and the driver talk, he slowly approached from the last row forward.When he saw the man grabbing for the steering wheel, he quickly stepped forward and subdued him, regardless of the possible danger.Every day positive energy partner comment on the dangerous situation encountered at that time, Li Guo blunt and did not think too much, a lot of passengers on the car, he can not think about the danger that may face.”He made that kind of aggressive behavior, has jeopardized the safety of the vehicle, I did not care too much rushed up, he stopped.”Later, Li held the man in the car until the police arrived, the incident caused no casualties, the man has been taken away by the police for investigation.After the incident, Li Guo did not speak to the people around him, two days ago after returning to school, the school teacher saw the video, repeatedly asked that he was brave, “I think encounter such things, many people around do the same, there is nothing special.”Li Guo, an 18-year-old student from Suining, Sichuan province, won the 423rd issue of positive energy award. Alibaba Daily Positive energy will award him 5,000 yuan positive energy bonus in association with West China Metropolis Daily · Cover News.The man harassed the driver, endangering his safety.In a flash, a crisis was resolved.His alertness, alertness and bravery protected a busload of innocent passengers and lit up the 18-year-old as a mortal hero.His steadiness beyond his years also left a deep imprint on our hearts.Maybe he was right, too: “A lot of people around you would have done the same thing.”But for Li Guo, it was a moment of “who else?”- End – Every day positive energy (Zhnlali) synthesis from cover news reporter Liu Hu intern Du Xiaoyu