Ningbo’s next stop: building a global ocean center city

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Report from Our Newspaper (Guo Yuanyuan, Reporter, Zhang Jiannan) Recently, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Government issued the Action Outline for Ningbo City to Accelerate the Development of Marine Economy and Build A Global Ocean Central City (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the Outline), proposing that by 2025, the pattern of global ocean central city will be initially established.China’s Marine economy ranks first in China, with a gross Marine economic output of 320 billion yuan, accounting for 25% of the province.Therefore, the development path of Ningbo to build “global ocean center city” is gradually clear.Every step of the development of this coastal city has been deeply branded with the ocean.Located in the core area of Marine economy development in Zhejiang province, ningbo will start a blue era with the help of the new engine of Marine economy and the construction of global Marine center city.Construction of world-class strong port With the world’s largest port, perhaps ningbo is the biggest foundation to build a Marine center city.As early as 2017, the annual cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has exceeded 1 billion tons, becoming the world’s first “1 billion tons port”.Today, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has become China’s main bulk commodity transshipment base, cargo throughput has maintained the world’s first for 13 consecutive years.In recent years, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has continuously expanded its “circle of friends”, including the successful operation of Jin-Zhe-sea railway combined transport train, the construction of xi ‘an International Port-Ningbo Zhoushan Port land-sea combined transport channel, and the upgrading of Chongzhou-Ningbo, Rongyong-ningbo and other freight trains.By the end of December last year, Ningbo Zhoushan port has opened 21 sea-rail combined freight train lines, business covering 16 provinces, regions and municipalities.Since March this year, the construction of Ningbo first-class strong port has been reported frequently: the temporary wharf project of high-end Marine energy equipment system application demonstration project of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has been successfully accepted, which will solve the transportation problems of construction materials and production equipment required for the development of intelligent submarine cable in the province.The 100,000-ton container berth of Tongda no. 7 in Beilun Port area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has passed the acceptance of opening to the outside, with the designed annual passing capacity of 636,000 TEUs, which will further enhance the container production and foreign trade service capacity of Beilun Port area…Not just big, but strong.The outline lists 12 initiatives, with “building a world-class port” topping the list.According to the outline, Ningbo will continue to give full play to its coastal advantages under the overall framework of a modern coastal metropolis, and build a new pattern of coordinated development of land and sea with “one core, three bays and six areas”.”One core” is the core of sanjiang in the central city.Highlight the yong river kechuang large corridor, the east new town international shipping concentrated area, two key sectors, accelerate kechuang resources agglomeration and coordinated development, the construction of a batch of “bright” Marine culture blocks, promote the development of high-end services in port and waterway administration headquarters economy across, promote Marine science and technology innovation, cultural creativity, shipping radiation in aspects of financial services leading ability,Form the driving core of the construction of global ocean central city.The “three bays” are hangzhou Bay, Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay.The focus will be on strengthening ecological management and control, restoration, and comprehensive treatment of pollution in the sea basins, strengthening the protection of wetland resources, enhancing the capacity for the safe development of Marine ecology, and promoting ecological protection in the Three Bays.”Six” refers to qianwan, Zhenhai – Cidong, Beilun – Yindong, Xiangshan Port, xiangdong, Nanwan and other six functional areas.Promote the functional development of the “six areas” with different focuses: Qianwan Area to build a Marine intelligent manufacturing industry cluster;Zhenhai – Cidong area, to create a port industrial agglomeration area;Beilun – Yindong district, to build an international port and shipping logistics hub;Xiangshan Port area to create urban coastal living area;Xiangdong area, to build an international coastal sports center;Nanwan area, to build Marine emerging industrial base.The outline lists 12 key actions to help Ningbo dig gold and blue ocean and vigorously develop Marine economy.Among the 12 key actions, in addition to the world first-class Strong Port Construction Initiative,Also including shipping financial center construction operations, high-end scientific research institution culture action key technology, Marine engines, modern Marine industry promotion action, industry project for big education strong action, Marine open cooperation, regional development co-ordinated action on land or sea, Marine cultural prosperity action, blue beautiful home construction, digital comprehensive Marine management action and ocean city is proposedRise action, etc.Also pointed out that the guidelines will build ningbo trillion-dollar green, petrochemical industry, promote development of ports and logistics services, Marine culture, the modern Marine fishery, Marine tourism, Marine engineering equipment industry, new material industry to develop Marine electronic information industry, Marine biological medicine and functional products new energy industry, Marine industry and linhai aerospace industry.In addition to cultivating “great excellence and strong”, it has also established the training echelon of Marine champion in single item, unified planning of Marine leading industries in all districts (counties and cities), formulated the catalogue of ningbo Marine industry investment guidance, and accelerated the creation of market-oriented, law-based and internationalized first-class business environment.