If you invest 50 thousand yuan per mu of land, annual net income 100 thousand yuan, you will choose to go home to farm

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Is it feasible to implement solar central heating in rural areas?More than 20 years ago, I heard that off-season fruit and vegetable planting is very profitable, so I wanted to change my career to agriculture. So one winter day, I went to visit the agricultural planting greenhouses in Yangling and saw that all of them are equipped with heating facilities.I don’t understand, asked the staff, is it necessary to install these heating facilities?Because the winter in Yangling is not cold, the winter temperature in central Gansu is much lower than that in Shaanxi Yangling, and the greenhouse without heating can also grow vegetables in winter, and be listed around the Spring Festival!The staff explained that the production of heating greenhouses is not only much higher than the output of no heating greenhouses, can be listed in advance, but also less disease, can reduce the amount of pesticides, more green and healthy, fruit and vegetable taste is good.I asked about investment and output, and the staff said the benefits were very good.I walked around the greenhouses for half a day and found that the planting pattern was not replicable.First of all, there were so many visitors to yangling Plantation that everyone had to buy a ticket, which was 15 yuan per ticket.Secondly, the price of fruits and vegetables sold here is very high, which is 2 to 3 times of the retail price of the market. These fruits and vegetables produced in the park are basically sold to visitors.The cost of investment and use of this kind of greenhouses is very high, yangling is China’s agricultural science city, the demonstration significance is more than the practical application significance, if this kind of greenhouses moved to any place in the country, it will definitely lose money.At that time, people’s living standard had not reached this level, and it was impossible to sell fruits and vegetables at such a high price.After seeing clearly this kind of planting way and profit mode, I gave up this kind of unrealistic idea decisively, or honestly go back to work!Later, the agriculture Bureau in my small town also built such a greenhouse, contracted to the human race fruits and vegetables, but the contractor quit after a year, and the contractor was replaced, closed down again, and replaced again. Finally, the greenhouses were empty, and the investment in building greenhouses was wasted, and no one followed suit was demonstrated.More than a decade ago, I began to enter the hvac industry, in order to expand business scope, I will also look to the agricultural sector, with years of agriculture to study, I successfully lulled into an agricultural science and technology leader, and a canopy on the floor heating, had been signed on the agreement, if the heating and lead two years production amounted to less than 30%,I will not charge any investment in the heating facilities. If the heating facilities are not supplied within two years or the increase in production exceeds 30%, the cost of the heating facilities will be paid by the leader.Unfortunately, the leader did not have time to plant the greenhouses, which had been planted by his younger brother before. After installing heating facilities, his younger brother refused to plant anything and the greenhouses became barren. Two years later, I received all the investment, but I failed to get the actual application data.Coal changed the spring breeze blowing earth, I once again aimed at the agricultural planting greenhouse.In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the progress of science and technology, heating greenhouses have mushroomed everywhere, but after the coal reform, this kind of greenhouses began to idle, because the heating cost is too high, input and output is not proportional.I knew this was my chance because I do solar heating.The difficulty is thermal storage of solar energy heating, greenhouse soil just can meet this requirement, if is two to three months in advance to the soil thermal storage, it can meet the demands of greenhouse in winter with hot, ground temperature raised, at night or rainy day natural greenhouse space nor too low, fruit and vegetable nature can increase production and listed in advance.Another difficulty is solar heating of the die erste installation cost is high, but for greenhouses, do not let these things, because of the greenhouse in solar collector, only need to consider the collection hot line, it is not necessary to consider the problem of heat preservation, through the contrast analysis, in the existing products, I found the most applicable is full port solar collector, because it has the highest thermal efficiency in,And when necessary can also be used as a radiator, heating greenhouse temperature, because its endothermic coating is ceramic, can adapt to the high humidity of the greenhouse environment.With a full port solar collector for greenhouses heating, can the full port directly to the collector plate core is installed in the wall, pipe insulation, it is not necessary to do also because depend mainly on soil thermal storage heat dissipation, also don’t need big heat preservation water tank, so relatively low investment, lower than the household solar investment cost at least more than half (press) of computation of collector area of daylighting.Greenhouse solar heating, as long as the configuration is appropriate, is completely able to do not start the auxiliary heat source, only the circulation pump electricity, a heating season down (calculated by 7 months), per mu greenhouse electricity is not more than 1000 degrees, once calculated by 0.5 yuan, heating electricity is less than 500 yuan, but can double the income.We take fruits and tomatoes as an example. If there is sufficient water and fertilizer and proper management, there is no problem with the per mu yield reaching 40 thousand jin (the per mu yield in Israel is 200 thousand jin). The purchase price for a jin is 2.5 yuan, and the gross income is 100 thousand yuan.It takes about 50,000 yuan to do solar heating for the greenhouse of one mu, including the full flow channel collector plate core, bracket, hot water exchange buffer box, floor heating, connecting pipes, circulating pump, control system and construction costs.Full-channel collector plate core can be used for 12 years in the greenhouse, and floor heating can be used for 50 years.Note that the following is the focus, the construction cost of a mu greenhouse is 8 to 100 thousand yuan (excluding heating facilities), greenhouse out of the rate of about 40%, that is to say to build a mu large greenhouse needs 2.5 acres of land.The construction cost of one mu cold shed is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan (excluding heating facilities), and the land yield rate of the cold shed is about 90%. It takes 1.1 mu of land to build a one mu cold shed.Cold shed if it is equipped with heating, and greenhouse greenhouse is there a difference?One might say, well, how much heat does it take to heat a cold shed?Shouldn’t those calories cost you nothing?All I’m saying is, it doesn’t cost much.Cold shed back streaming plate solar collector in research and development in the manufacturing process, we found that to make back streaming plate solar collector for household, with our current technology, also can’t do low-cost, mainly the stuck in the material, the back flow collector’s biggest advantage lies in its core board need not under pressure, but the existing materials, both strength, hardness,It is really difficult to find materials with good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and low price. I found several PHDS in material science, but failed to find suitable materials for me.But if you want to manufacture a canopy set or central heating set hot the required solar collector, it is easy for us, can act completely literally, making the cost of materials of this kind of collector only 10 yuan/square metre (collector lighting area), and as long as I’m willing to, every minute I can manually create this kind of product,And absolutely anti air insolation, high heat collection efficiency.The significant reduction of the manufacturing cost of the collector will directly reduce the initial installation cost of solar heating in the greenhouse to 20,000 yuan/mu, including the heat source and the heating end, plus the cost of the construction of the cold shed, 50,000 yuan of investment per mu should be enough, right?As for the greenhouse kind of what can be achieved per mu annual net income of 100,000 yuan, I think a lot of it.Now the annual output value of many greenhouses is not low, but excluding the depreciation of greenhouses construction cost, the depreciation of heating facilities investment cost and the use of expenses, how much money can we earn each year?This is the fundamental reason why many facilities agricultural greenhouses are vacant after coal is changed!If we can solve the problem of greenhouse heating and cooling at a very low cost, then what is the matter of efficiency?Greenhouses a while ago I said make back flow flat solar collector material cost as low as 10 yuan/square metre (aperture area), the question, of course, there are asked how to make, more heart, give me a call said that want to collaborate, this is a good thing, but if you just want to take out a few greenhouses to let me do the experiment, waiting to partake of the fruit,I don’t think so.Although after a year of consumption, we can hardly afford to eat, but such an experiment, even if we go out to borrow usury, we will do it ourselves, because after all, the investment is not too much, we can not afford to build a small one, our purpose is to collect data, so simple.Win-win cooperation, we sweat and sweat, for what?As for when we can mass-produce it and put it on the market, we are in a hurry, but some things, it has to be done slowly.The market is so big, no matter when the product comes out, we can not achieve a monopoly.If you’re really interested in this technology and you don’t want to work with us right now, that’s fine, patented technology, all the information is available online, how do you make it?You take your time, and when you’ve got it ready for production, we’ll sit down and talk about licensing.