“With the application” online “home health monitoring certificate” service, some areas are available

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According to the municipal Big Data Center, closed-loop management has been implemented in some residential areas according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and some office workers need to issue “home health monitoring certificate” or “quarantine point medical observation certificate” so that they can submit to work units for leave procedures.With the help of “One Network access Office”, some areas have launched online certification services, and citizens can obtain relevant certificates without leaving home through “application”.Meanwhile, related services will be launched in other districts according to actual demand.How to apply for this service? See ↓ for details.Take a look!Users enter the “Discovery” channel to dynamically enter the page of the flagship store owner of the area through the “Suibid” wechat mini program, “SuiBid” APP and “SuiBid” Alipay mini program.WeChat “along with the bid” small program interface, for example, jing ‘an district, xuhui district, huangpu district, hongkou district, yangpu district, putuo district, fengxian area have been online flagship store of “home health monitoring certificate issued” to meet the urgent demand of people, reduce the direct contact with the people, to reduce the spread of disease risk, “free net phone” actively help the epidemic prevention and control work,Huangpu district, Jing ‘an District, Xuhui District, Putuo District, Hongkou District, Yangpu District and Fengxian District took the lead in launching “home health monitoring certificate issuance” in the flagship store of “With the application”.At the same time, fengxian District flagship store also launched the “quarantine point medical observation certificate” free service, the whole area (except entry quarantine) has been opened.Residents can get certificates quickly and efficiently without leaving their homes at the click of a finger.Other districts will also launch related services according to actual demand.On the home page of flagship stores in the area where these services have been opened, select the service of “home health monitoring certificate issuance” and click it to use it.In some areas, there is no need for residents to fill in any information. The system has realized automatic filling of forms through data sharing. Residents only need to check the information and check “I promise”, and then they can carry out “one-click confirmation”.Through data verification, it will compare whether the applicant is a home monitoring personnel and whether the applicant’s address is a home monitoring point. Once the comparison is successful, the “home health monitoring certificate” will be directly generated to realize “data comparison, one-click confirmation, immediate issuance”, so that residents can truly experience “free application, free treatment”.Information automatic matching a key submitted to confirm according to the epidemic prevention work for temporary screen and area, part of the street after street town, residents can also choose to belong to complete residential area (address or village name) and other relevant information provided and then click the “apply”, approval may also be online access to the health monitoring prove that occupy the home.In addition, fengxian District flagship store “quarantine point medical observation certificate” application: I promise, one button application.Responsible editor Yang Linyu source Shanghai release