To benefit hundreds of families suffering from cancer, this public welfare action of Xianzhi House went to the whole country

2022-06-22 0 By

In order to welcome the arrival of the 28th National Cancer Prevention and Treatment Publicity Week, the third public benefit activity of “Jointly building and Sharing national Health” will be officially launched.The campaign continued to visit 100 cancer families in need of help across the country, and donated 3,500 yuan worth of ganoderma lucidum health gifts for each family, while customizing a 685 yuan ganoderma lucidum health products 99 yuan public welfare subscription plan for cancer groups.Four medical and pharmaceutical experts from Beijing, Fuzhou and other places will be invited to enter the live broadcast room, and four public welfare live broadcasts will be simultaneously opened on fujian and Haibo TV network platform, comprehensively interpreting the key points of cancer prevention and cancer prevention from aspects of traditional Chinese and western medicine, dietary therapy and drug research, so as to improve the awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.2021 sharing health public line launch site (for figure, fairy cheese cancer center in our country the latest cancer incidence and mortality in China “in 2016, according to data of 2016 about 4.064 million new cases of malignant tumors in our country, 11100 people have been diagnosed with cancer every day, every 7 minutes to seven people diagnosed,On average, about 6,000 people lose their lives to cancer every day.How to use various means to control the tumor, improve the quality of life of patients?On tumor prevention and treatment of 2021 academic BBS, chief physician of fujian medical university, national name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Du Jian share in the application of diet in cancer adjuvant therapy keynote report, eating good patients are more likely to resist radiation and chemotherapy of gastrointestinal side effects, so patients with tumor in the drug treatment at the same time cooperate with precise diet can effectively improve the quality of life.Ganoderma lucidum, a medicable and edible Chinese medicine, is often used as adjuvant therapy for tumor chemotherapy or radiotherapy, playing a synergistic and toxic role.”The idea is to promote the health concept of ‘cure before disease’, improve the health of the whole nation, and provide support and help to cancer patients and families in need.As one of the sponsors of the project, Li Ye, chairman of Xianzhilou Group, said that in the future, we will continue to increase the clinical research of ganoderma lucidum in tumor prevention and treatment, increase the precise assistance to the tumor population, continue to practice corporate responsibility, call on more social forces to participate in public welfare, and gather more positive energy for the society.