The front windshield was “scratching and burning” and squeaking

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Whenever the enter winter, rain and snow weather, do be careful with driving, especially driving the line of sight, in addition to have a pair of strong penetrating power lights, have a clear front windshield, can be in real life, no matter to drive the car, understand the elder brother have found that many car windscreen in rain and snow days, wiper will shave more and more paste, sound also pretty serious,The impact on driving safety is very large.So what should we do in this case?1, why the front windshield will blow more and more paste?There are many reasons, mainly divided into the following three categories: 1) Wiper spring aging wiper after a long time of use, the above spring will appear metal fatigue, loose and weak to use, unable to clean the water on the glass.2) Wiper blade lost softness wiper blade is made of rubber, perennial exposure to wind and sun, rubber scraper will lose its original softness, become “stiff”.And if the use of “squeaky” sound, probability is due to the rubber scraper with silt and other impurities, driven by the windshield wiper across the windshield, friction noise, and make the windshield blow more paste, serious, may also lead to glass scratching.3) the windshield has oil film careful owners should have noticed that some parked on the street (especially the kind of restaurants, snack shops with lampblack street) of the car, the windshield always feel oily, and some will appear like a rainbow in different shades of color, that is the oil film.In fact, whenever the time that the car opens is longer, a few tiny holes can appear on windshield, plus the car runs on the road every day, hard to avoid can have tiny dirty thing to enter these holes, accumulate through long time, also can form oily film.Car wash frequently, the situation may be slightly better;If you usually neglect cleaning, so even if you use a good wiper, but also can not scrape clean, a blurred line of sight, is bound to affect driving safety.4) Windshield with static electricity in addition to the oil film, sometimes the glass is not clean, there may be a lot of dust, blowing away, scraping off, is caused by static electricity.The car every day rain and wind, static electricity must be indispensable, once appeared on the windshield, will be firmly adsorbed dust.2, how to avoid the front windshield blowing more paste?In view of the above reasons, the solution is also targeted: 1) daily inspection of the wiper spring.If rust is found, remove and replace it directly;Found slack, you can manually adjust (unscrew the wiper screw, the spring can be tightened);2) There is dirt or local aging wiper scraper, it is difficult to clean with clean water. At this time, the wiper scraper can be removed, and the wiper repair device made of sandpaper or diamond can be polished evenly along the contact surface, grinding off a thin layer, and can continue to use;3) However, when you find that when it rains heavily, the wiper works normally, and when it rains lightly, the glass is more and more blurred, which means that the rubber elasticity of the wiper scraper has been completely damaged or hardened, and must be replaced;4) Finally, to deal with the annoying oil film and static electricity problem, prepare a watering can, fill 200ml water, add a little white wine (decontaminate effect is strong) and softener (laundry, can remove static electricity), shake well, spray on the glass, wipe with a dry towel.With this, you can see the new windshield.The event will run from January 31, 2022 to February 2, 2022