South Korea humiliated itself when Olympic champion Hwang Dae-heon admitted a foul on China, leaving the International Skating Federation in tears

2022-06-22 0 By

South Korea takes the Olympic champion Huang Daxian admits a foul to China, the international HuaLian in distress situation today appeared very extraordinary reversal koreans out-and-out dozen face, South Korea’s Olympic champion after winning the gold medal suddenly begun speaking himself is, indeed, in the previous 1000 meters in the game against the rules, his remarks the koreans directly to the frame on the fire roast.Because South Korea had been international HuaLian even international sports arbitration court for appeal, the results did not think of was beaten by one of their own face, in the no. 7 in the evening in the men’s 1000 m in South Korea have accident, South Korea one of three players out of the race due to injury, the other two contestants Li Junrui and Huang Daxian both is a world champion,As a result, they were both fouled in the semifinals, and they had contact with players from China and Hungary, which they were very unhappy about.It is believed that the foul action of The Chinese team was first, not that of the Korean team.For this reason, they protested to the International Skating Federation and the Winter Olympic Games, demanding that the penalty scale be changed in the later games. They believed that the penalty was clearly against South Korea, which resulted in their failure in the three short track speed skating events after the opening of the Winter Olympic Games. However, the International Skating Federation immediately rejected their appeal.And said that according to the current latest rules can clearly see the South Korean team members have illegal transcendence and so on a series of actions are trace to follow, and there are videos as evidence, denial is not to blame.Korean is unconvinced, however, they whistle is that we have a home, so they equal without being pressed, admitted in the 2018 winter Olympics pyeongchang whistle they are home, in fact we also know that like Canada and other players in the previous Olympic Games have been public protests over South Korea have a series of home in the winter Olympics pyeongchang whistle,Helped them finally get the Olympic champion, and took several more MEDALS, the results of the South Korean team with the heart of a villain to stomach fei China team, and even put forward public protests and requirements to change the rules, and then for the South Korean team will strike.Then in late February 9 in the men’s 1500 meters race, China the final finals to nobody, ace players new Olympic champion of all fouled out in the semi-finals, and South Korea all three player reached the final, final Huang Daxian in ten melee push other competitors earned the title, this let South Korea swept away a few days ago,Kind of proud feeling, in the Olympic Games, after all, they broke the short track speed skating zero breakthrough on the project, the result is when they are in high spirits Huang Daxian suddenly to their head pours cold water, when the foreign media interview said inadvertently missed, is also likely to think or speak the truth, he said that in the 1000 meters race does have a foul.Later to see the video does have a foul, so without being pressed to admit that the South Korea after the appeal is unreasonable, the south Korean team appeal not much meaning, only Huang Daxian is the power to have title and compete for the medal strength, Huang Daxian suddenly acknowledged that he really foul, is equal to the front to do a series of South Korea is to invite humiliation,Let the International Skating federation was very sad, their own people admitted that it was his foul, indicating that he did not learn the rules well. Similarly, China was also sad and funny, because many sports fans on the scene were very warm congratulations to the South Korean team winning the championship, but the South Korean team still treated us with such a small heart.