Shanghai refutes rumors!

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Neighborhood committee selling 200,000 boxes of donated materials?Rumors have been in accordance with the administrative punishment of Shanghai public security bureau report on April 6, 7, the morning was spread on the Internet “rc 200000 cases donations to resell such as false information by the police investigation, the false information publisher XXL one (male, 33 years old) to attract eyeball, grandstanding for residents in knowing related vegetables series rc contact purchasing insurance for the package,However, they made up false statements such as, The goods were donated and the neighborhood committee kept the money it sold.At present, Chen mou is punished by public security organs according to law because of picking quarrels and provoking trouble.Someone selling passes in Minhang?On April 6, it was reported that a temporary Shanghai epidemic prevention and Control permit with the official seal of “Office of Minhang District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group” was being sold online.Minhang police attaches great importance to, quickly launched an investigation, will involve personnel Chen mou (male, 40 years old, a passenger transport company workers) with the inquiry.According to Chen’s initial confession, the company to undertake part of the epidemic during the material transport task, holding the relevant pass, in order to show off to friends, the company’s pass after taking photos in the wechat group boast can agent certificate, the actual ability to handle.At present, the relevant situation is under further investigation.Qingpu and Beicai have “big white” jump?”Someone in the neighborhood made nucleic acid and pushed Baymax off the 29th floor.”On April 6, several wechat chat records were posted online with the same video content, claiming that a “Baymax” from Qingpu was pushed to his death from the 29th floor. Some people also claimed that the video was a “Baymax” from Beicai jumping from a building.Reporters verified with the police, 6 qingpu and Pudong north CAI area are not falling incidents, the relevant information is false.Please do not forward unconfirmed news at will, and jointly maintain a healthy network order.Shanghai nucleic acid testing site volunteer killed?On April 6, netizens reported that a volunteer at a nucleic acid testing site in Jing ‘an, Shanghai, was killed.Relevant scene video shows that many people are on the ground an old man for rescue.On the afternoon of April 6, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Jing ‘an Public Security Bureau issued a notice: At 12:54 on April 4, Jing ‘an Public Security Bureau received an alarm that two people had a physical conflict in a residential area on Yangqu Road.Police on the scene for the first time, and arrested the suspect Xue Mou Wei (male, 23 years old).According to preliminary investigation, when the nucleic acid test was nearing the end of the day, Xie Mou Rong (male, 65 years old) found xue Mou Wei, the son of his niece, was late and littering in the process of maintaining the nucleic acid test order in the community, so he criticized him as an elder, and the two sides had a physical conflict.Two people were advised by the surrounding people, the solution of a rong suddenly fell to the ground, after the hospital after the rescue ineffective death.At present, the suspect Xue Mou Wei has been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further investigated.Yangpu blind elderly without food for two days?Recently, a screenshot of an information for help was widely circulated in the community. It said that a 70-year-old man living alone in Kongjiang Street, Yangpu District, was blind and unattended. He had not eaten for several days and was crying for help through the iron gate.The screenshot shows the old man’s name, address and phone number.The Shanghai rumour refuting platform checked with The Yangpu District and found that the screenshot was not true.Although the old man is visually handicapped, he is still able to go up and down stairs alone.After verification, on April 3, the old man received a vegetable bag from the government.On April 6, staff members, floor leaders and residents’ representatives of the Gang Jiang Street Branch and Shuangyang Neighborhood Committee visited and found that some of the love vegetables had been eaten, but there were still some leftovers. There were also rice, zongzi, vegetables, meat, eggs and other foods and seasonings at home. The elderly had a normal diet and had not had a meal for several days.After the local police station came to the door to verify, the post is the old man’s sister Xu, did not go out during the epidemic containment.The old man has never called his sister, sister does not understand the real situation, on the post, because the post content is not true, his sister has been deleted.Fengxian has isolated children?On April 5, a netizen posted a video on his personal video account titled “Children isolated in Fengxian Isolation Center”, which attracted a lot of netizens’ attention.After verification by the relevant department of Fengxian District, this is a rumor, “Shanghai Fengxian release” official weibo has issued a refuting announcement.According to the investigation by the public security organ, wang (45 years old) posted the video forwarded by others in the wechat group on her personal wechat video number without verification, and brought the topic of “fengxian isolation point isolated children” out of nothing, causing a large number of netizens to question, causing a bad social impact.Now Wang has been fengxian public security bureau administrative detention.Please strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, do not fabricate rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not panic, pay attention to the information released by the official, and work together to defeat the epidemic!———————————— source: Internet joint refutation platform