Zunhua public security Bureau knocked off a gang to help letter

2022-06-21 0 By

Recently, Zunhua city public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade combined network security brigade knocked off a use of GOIP equipment for overseas telecommunications fraudsters to implement fraud to provide communications to help the criminal gang, captured 2 suspects.During the Spring Festival, Interpol brigade in the work to obtain the existence of the use of GOIP equipment in Zunhua city for the implementation of fraud outside the telecommunications fraudsters to provide communications to help criminal gangs.After obtaining relevant clues, criminal investigation brigade attaches great importance to, immediately organized anti-fraud center and Interpol two squadrons on the case investigation, in Tangshan City public Security Bureau Interpol detachment, technical investigation detachment strongly support, Interpol brigade joint network security brigade quickly found out the two crime dens of the suspects.After days of squatting, on February 8 15 xu, in zunhua a community will be the implementation of the crime of Gao mou, Wang mou caught on the spot, the scene seized with a set of GOIP equipment, the crime with more than 20 mobile phone cards, the crime of mobile phone five, two, two batteries and network cables and other crime tools.After interrogation, suspects Gao mou, Wang Mou to use GOIP equipment to help overseas telecommunications fraudsters provide communication help behavior confessed.At present suspects Gao mou, Wang Mou has been zunhua city public Security Bureau criminal detention, the case is still in the process of further investigation.