With a convertible design the slowest Lamborghini ever filmed

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Lamborghini 5 c TL is the slowest vehicle suspension lamborghini ever badges, lamborghini 5 c TL adopts full convertible design, body for the orange and blue double color coating, retro-styled double round headlights, suspension using hydraulic suspension system at three, on the dynamic configuration for a 40 horsepower air-cooled 2.2 -liter 3 cylinder diesel engine,With a four-speed handshift and only 40 horsepower, the 5C TL was the most powerful tractor Lamborghini made that year.Speed is not its strong suit, but the ability to navigate all terrain allows it to travel on any road.It is worth mentioning that the engine of LAMBorghini 5C TL is designed by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of Lamborghini. Because of the unique fuel atomizer, the startup mode of LAMBorghini 5C TL is very special. When the diesel generator starts, it needs to start with gasoline and then switch to diesel drive.Due to the tank-like crawler travel mechanism, the 5C TL does not have a steering wheel, but instead operates using two levers, each of which applies a brake to the track on its side to turn the vehicle.Don’t look down upon lamborghini tractor, it is because of the rapid development of lamborghini in agricultural machinery, makes the lamborghini is made in a short span of a few years, as well as legendary car before laid the foundation funds, and the lamborghini company in 1973 to join the SAME group, still keep a tractor of the most advanced production line,Still making tractors.