When I was 28, I spent the Spring Festival alone because of the epidemic. I met him and shared a table for dinner. Later, I formed a warm family with him

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Every year I look forward to going home for Chinese New Year, when I was a child’s favorite is Chinese New Year.Because there will be new clothes and delicious food.When I grew up, I began to go out to work. My parents in my hometown would ask me when I would come back home every Spring Festival, and they would cook delicious preserved pork, mouldy tofu and other delicious hometown dishes for me.I have not returned home for two years because of the epidemic. In such a big city as Shenzhen, I chose to stay in Shenzhen again because of the epidemic.I thought about it and told my parents in advance that I would not go back home.Parents just very sorry, the phone heard the parents lost, but the next day I received my parents express all kinds of delicious, looking at the box of delicious bacon, cabbage at home, unconsciously tearful eyes dance.Twenty-nine years, the rental house alone Chinese New Year colleagues in the company have gone home, roommates also went home, leaving me alone.I didn’t cook, I just ordered a takeaway to make do.After eating began to watch the Spring Festival Gala, because I do not know what to do.After eating, with parents video, let them look at me safe and happy appearance, also feel relieved.In fact, I also want to go home, like the appearance of a noisy, like to eat their parents do the food, so I feel that they are still a child, they have not grown up, with live in their parents love, that much happiness ah.However, during the Spring Festival alone, parents remind themselves as usual that it’s time to find a partner. You are 28, you should get married, and others have several children.At ordinary times, I would not have special feelings about these. However, when the Chinese New Year came, my parents mentioned it and looked at me alone. Suddenly I felt that I should listen to my parents and find a partner.On the first day of the New Year, go out to eat and be forced to share a table with people imperceptibly to the second day, the whole Shenzhen feel very deserted, unlike the hometown New Year every family will stick couplets, every family will visit very lively.Suddenly, I miss my hometown dish, stuffed tofu.Every year at this time, mom will start to grind tofu and brew her own.Thinking about thinking about, I would like to go out to eat, even if their own New Year in Shenzhen.Many shops were closed and I searched for a long time. Finally, I found one that also had the stuffed tofu I wanted to eat.However, there were a lot of people, and when I said I was alone, the owner’s wife asked me if I would mind sharing the table, otherwise there would be no table.In this way, I agreed, came to a table, with my table is a boy, tall and thin.Usually, I would not say hello to people, in fact, I wanted to take home to eat, but then I thought back to the taste is not good.So we sat face to face, he also ordered stuffed tofu, so I took the initiative to say hello to him.I introduced myself, he also opened the topic, I know he and I in the same hometown, he works in a nearby building as a programmer, because he wanted to earn more money, chose to work overtime, but did not go home for the Spring Festival.After a hasty meal, he left, during which he did not forget to add my wechat, saying that he could contact me more in the future.He had to work overtime before MY order arrived.On The fifth of the year, he invited me to see a movie for a few days, I did not go anywhere, until the fifth day, the mobile phone received a message, is he sent.It turned out that he wanted to see a movie with me instead of working overtime today.I thought about it, and I thought I’d meet a new friend.I dressed up and went out, because I like to be pretty, I wore a short skirt.However, after I went out, I found that it was very cold.When we got to the cinema, he bought the ticket early, just what I wanted to see.I asked him, and he said he knew I wanted to see the movie from my moments.So, he and I walked into the theater, the theater was empty, as if we two booked.When he saw it, he suddenly took off his coat and let me wear it, seeing that I was wearing less.Although, this is a very subtle movement, but, I feel very warm.This is the first time I feel warm.In fact, I admit I had a crush on him, but I didn’t ask him too many personal questions and we were comfortable together.The Lantern Festival, my birthday after he confessed his love, we became friends, the whole Spring Festival almost spent with him.I feel incredible for the first time, the original programmer is not everyone does not understand romance.He was two years older than me, but he seemed more naive than ME.Lantern Festival is my birthday, I do not know where he inquired, suddenly invited me to his home for dinner.When I arrived at the door, I found out that he had bought a house in Shenzhen. He said he wanted to spend every Spring Festival with me as a birthday present and give me a warm home.In fact, we have only known each other for a short time, how can he be sure that I am the one he wants to be with forever.He told me that regardless of the length of time, I want to stay with you, I want to see the scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter with you, I want to stay with you to do whatever you want to do.I feel comfortable and relaxed with you, and I feel like you’re the right one, and it makes me want to get married.Seeing how serious he looked, I said yes.Maybe I was too hasty, but I was also serious.Later, we did get married, I was no longer alone, he and I had our own home.It’s a beautiful story in the end.The hero and heroine get to know each other because of a casual dinner.Being together for a short time and knowing that you are the right person may not be possible for the average person.However, fate came, block also can not stop.Maybe this is fate.We can believe the good, can believe the fate.Meet the right person, brave to love, the New Year, I wish everyone can harvest their own happiness.May all be well, Jack shall have Jill.This article is originally written by north Guangdong tea, without permission, anyone and media shall not be reproduced!