What mistakes are easy to make in car maintenance

2022-06-21 0 By

1, the most likely to appear a problem: too much oil.Many owners know that the friction of bearings and journal will be poor lubrication due to the amount of oil, aggravate the degree of wear and tear, and even cause burning tile shaft accident.In order to reduce the number of adding oil, convenient maintenance and in the maintenance of more oil car friends are also many.Too much oil, the engine at work when the crankshaft handle, connecting rod end will produce violent agitation, not only increased the engine internal power loss, but also will make the splash of oil on the cylinder wall increased, producing oil failure.Therefore, the oil in the engine oil pan should be controlled between the upper and lower lines of the oil ruler.2, after the cost of the car rose, many car families began to drive less, and some only drive in the holidays, so that the surface of the engine and gearbox and other transmission parts will rust because of direct contact with the air.The best way is to run the car for 30 or 40 minutes every few days.3. The tighter the belt, the better.Such as the fan belt, improve the tightness of the fan belt, can improve the engine cooling effect, so they are trying to improve the tightness of the fan belt, causing the fan belt is too tight, but this practice is wrong.The fan belt should be kept loose properly, because too tight will make the bearing load too large, aggravating wear, increasing power consumption, but also make the pump shaft bending, belt elongating deformation, shortened life.The event will run from February 20, 2022 to February 28, 2022