Suyu: spring green upsurge afforestation adds new ideas

2022-06-21 0 By

Spring returns to earth and all things revive.A volunteer tree planting activity is held in Suyu district of Suqian city on March 12, 2022.Suyu district part of the party and government leaders, cadres and volunteers to participate in the activity.Near the scene of huaishu river in Caoji Village, nearly 100 officials and volunteers worked together to greet the spring breeze with great energy.We three or five people a group, or righting the trees, or shovel shovel, or watering irrigation, in strict accordance with the planting norms planted every seedling.After a morning of labor, more than 200 trees robinia locust, golden robinia locust, purple tastasia locust, photinia and other saplings stand in the wind, full of vitality, for suyu earth green add luster.As we have learned, this year suyu area spring afforest afforestation job will be according to “4 Suyu” construction requirement, cogent accomplish high point positioning, elaborate plan layout, careful deployment arrangement, cultivate window to give high-quality goods.The annual afforestation plan is 1500 mu, of which 300 mu will be newly afforested and 1200 mu will be restored.Construction of farmland forest network control demonstration area of 15,000 mu;800,000 trees were planted around it;5 provincial-level green villages were established;The unified prevention and control area of forest diseases and insect pests is 120,000 mu;The forest coverage rate and the protection rate of natural wetlands have increased steadily, and all efforts have been made to prevent forest fires.In recent years, Suyu district adhere to the integration of rural afforestation and urban greening, the implementation of the strictest farmland protection system, in accordance with the “along the road, along the river, around the village, go to the head of the field” planning ideas to implement the planting of land, to tap the potential of afforestation, should be planted.Focus on creating 7 green belts along roads and rivers, creating 9 landscape forests around the city and countryside, building 5 demonstration villages with green scenery, creating 10 sketch parks with forests and water, and constructing 6 connecting farmland forest network areas.At present, the whole area spring afforestation work lifts a climax again, Yang Hua town, long town, Caoji township afforestation work tries to do demonstration, walk in the forefront of the whole area.(Huang Shiqi)