Super endurance of 1300 km, Star L Thor has arrived in the shop

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On March 18, 2022, 0, 92 formally raised the price of refined oil products in guangxi, the gas adjustment to 8.70 yuan/liter gasoline no. 95 to 9.40 yuan/liter at that time, everyone was lamenting the oil prices rose too fast at the same time also worry about the cost of driving in the future, geely automobile in 2021 on December 25, the more open star L Raytheon to booking only 8 minutes and 21 secondsAs geely’s high-end model Xingyue L, the birth of Thor Hi•X can be said to be a milestone in China’s hybrid market. Today, he came “Look, it’s shining!”Shingyue L Hi?X with geely brand new digital time LOGO LOGO and grille glistening on both sides and domineering, can saying is very fashionable at the same time, geely also very have the sincerity of the three large screen visual effect is good, science and technology feeling full page UI functional, high cost performance driving separation entertainment, travel more comfortable star more L Hi?X energy saving and environmental protection, no need to charge, no endurance anxiety one tank of oil super endurance 1300 km 100 km fuel consumption only 4.3L appearance level, and durable reality car has arrived in the store,Welcome to shop online booking channels tasting formally open before 5 April order user lifelong 3 free (the first owner) based maintenance free battery warranty life-long free lifetime free roadside high 1500 yuan wait for subsidies under order to now is no choice to miss nanning talk top 10 reasons: one, the threshold is low, also interest-free mortgage province nature;Second, the car source is sufficient, there are many kinds, and the car is naturally fast;Three, the sales volume is large, the car source is much, the car price is naturally low;Four, more customers, good reputation, let the profits of nature;Five, 4S shop, good service, after-sales natural worry;Six, the traffic is good, easy to find, buy a car naturally convenient;Seven, sufficient capital, certificate with the car, buy a car naturally rest assured;Eight, the environment is good, more pin crown, customers naturally trust;Nine, the strength is strong, the car is sufficient, the procedure is complete naturally;Ten, on strength, on preference, on service, car purchase of course choose Nanning Kaihe Geely to Nanning Kaihe star service trustworthy activity time from March 30, 2022 to March 31, 2022