Small white will not play machine, look at these three, seriously underestimated 1000 yuan of god machine, refused to be pit

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These three high cost performance phones of 1700 yuan or so are seriously underestimated and will not be a problem for another two or three years!It’s one of the most controversial phones, as it’s priced the Snapdragon 870 processor at 1,000 yuan.In order to have a better experience, President Roh also arranged a combination of LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.1 flash memory for K40, giving full play to the performance of snapdragon 870 processor.Screen: Also one of the first to use Samsung’s E4 luminescent materials, such as AMOLED screen, 120HZ high refresh rate, MEMC frame rate compensation and Corning 5th generation Gorilla glass are standard on the K40.Decent camera: Rear 48-megapixel main camera (SONY 582 lens) + 8-megapixel wide-angle lens + 5-megapixel telephoto macro lens.The front side is a single shot, 16 megapixels, enough for daily use.Other things: The 4520 mah battery comes with a 33-watt charger, X-axis motor, side fingerprint unlock, and infrared remote control.The point is, you can win it for over 1700 dollars!Red rice K40 game enhancement edition, which is also the twin of red rice K40.The processor went from Snapdragon 870 to Breguet 1200, but the cooling capability has been greatly improved.Lu directly arranged the latest aerospace graphene as heat dissipation material, directly from the root to solve the heating problem.As for the screen, it still uses the OLED flexible straight screen, which has the most favorable reviews, and supports the maximum refresh rate of 120HZ and touch sampling rate of 480HZ. Moreover, many people think that the OLED screen hurts the eyes, because the phone does not support DC dimming, and the K40 game Enhancement version has the same criticism as K40, which supports DC dimming.Photography: can meet the daily use of most users, rear 64 megapixel main camera (Howe lens) +8 megapixel ultra wide Angle lens +2 megapixel macro lens.The front use is 16 million pixel small hole single shot.No problem for daily use.Other details: It comes with a gaming shoulder button, a standard 5065 mah battery and a 67 watt wired flash charge that can be fully charged in 20 to 30 minutes.It also supports side fingerprint unlocking and infrared remote control. The motor is X-axis horizontal linear motor.Now 12+256G is only about 1700 yuan.Thousand yuan machine photo preferred, red rice note11Pro Red rice note11Pro.The processor is a Phecda 920 processor, the performance is absolutely adequate for daily use, plus the flash memory specification for UFS2.2 and large areas of new cooling materials so there is no need to worry about performance.Kings can run for 90 frames without much heat.Screen: An AMOLED screen from Samsung, with 120HZ high refresh rate and 360HZ touch sampling rate, and GSG high frame eye protection certification.Corning 5th generation gorilla glass is also standard.Photography: Rear Samsung HM2 100 million pixel main camera, in addition to an 8 million pixel 120° ultra wide Angle lens and 2 million pixel macro lens.Enough to meet most of the needs of those who require high purity of the picture.The front is 16 megapixel single camera (SONY 471 lens).Camera with a variety of black technology photo mode, xiao Bai can easily take a large picture.Other details: Standard X-axis motor, side fingerprint unlock and infrared remote control, 5160 mah battery, 67 watt flash charge.All three phones have NFC and corning Gorilla support (improved drop resistance).