【 Livelihood concerns 】 The latest news!The last building here in Shandong province is back to normal

2022-06-21 0 By

At about 22:00 on February 7, the reporter learned from the neighborhood committee of Jinan Railway Yuhan community that residents of Jinan railway Yuhan community, area 4, Building 6, had the last round of nucleic acid testing in the morning, and the test results were negative. Residents of building 6 will end home health testing and resume normal work and life.On January 23, after the local epidemic broke out in Jinan, Yuhan Community of railway entered the prevention and control state for the first time.On The 28th, jinan Municipal Party Committee and government held a press conference to announce the prevention and control situation, except for building No. 6 in area 4, residents of 34 buildings in Railway Yuhan residential area lifted control.On the morning of January 30th, after eight days and eight nights of lockdown, the last building of Jinan Railway Yuhan residential area was also relieved of control, and the residents of building 6 in Area 4 entered the home monitoring state.On February 7, the last round of nucleic acid tests for the residents of Building 6 were all negative, and the residents of the community will end their home testing status and return to normal work and life.(Source: Dazhong Daily Client editor: Ma Ming)