How to really play Douyin live marketing?

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With the development of short video, I believe everyone now mobile phone basic hand download a douyin software.Douyin is still at the center of traffic flow, and the platform has gradually begun to improve and improve. From the initial live streaming of Douyin, supporting third-party links such as Taobao, to the current operation mode of only supporting Douyin Shop, the development of the platform has gradually become independent and mature.So how should businesses play Douyin live marketing?How to really play Douyin live marketing?What you need to master is the play of Douyin Shop. The play of Douyin Shop is simple and rough, which is similar to the play of Taobao stores without source.You don’t need to stock up on your own goods, introduce products from other stores to your own store, and then raise the price uniformly, without replenishment or paid promotion.This has brought more convenience and efficiency to businesses.To operate douyin store, the following points should be mastered: 1. Business license To register Douyin Store, a business license is required.1. The scanned copy of the original business license with three certificates in one or two certificates in one or the copy of the business license with company seal shall be provided.2. Ensure that the products are not listed in the abnormal business directory and are within the business scope of the business license.3. The expiration time shall be more than 3 months.4. Ensure that the certificate is clear, complete and valid.Note: business can choose the type of business license according to individual needs, generally speaking, the business license of registered self-employed is completely enough.The advantage lies in the low cost of the registration of the self-employed, the certificate is fast, if the scale becomes larger in the future, there are also a lot of preferential tax measures.Two, about the efficient selection of products can be directly collected by software, the collection of software can be purchased through the service market of Douyin store, generally 5 yuan/month, very cheap.After buying the software, you can collect it through the following channels: PDUO Duo Tao Alibaba Douyin Selection Alliance Douyin Store is suitable for this method of software collection, because a single store can upload up to 10,000 products. Due to the large number of products, even if you try your luck, you can encounter some products listed.The main traffic channels of Douyin Store include: alliance cooperation, Douyin recommendation traffic, Douyin search traffic, Jukuang Qianchuan, Store free push, Dou+, etc.The early stage mainly depends on the cooperation with the talent, with the help of the talent or network red effect, let the talent to help you shoot a short video or live with goods, sell a single you give him how much proportion of the commission.The second is douyin’s various recommended traffic or search traffic, similar to Taobao guess you like.After the profit of store sales increases in the later period, merchants can try to use some paid promotion, such as Qianchuan, store free promotion and dou+ which is well-known.The delivery of Douyin Store is relatively simple. No matter what the single value is, you can directly use the market service software of Douyin Store to deal with the batch efficiently. The price of this software is generally about 15 yuan/month, which is equivalent to the price of cabbage.Many friends question: How much does it cost to open a Tiktok shop?In fact, the cost can be said to be very low, the cost is mainly in the following aspects :(1) registered business license 100~500 yuan (2) store deposit 2000~5000 yuan, different categories of deposit is different.(3) The collection software is 5 yuan/month, the delivery software is 15 yuan/month, and the budget of other software is less than 100 yuan/month.(4) Working capital: Since the buyer has a payment collection cycle after payment in Doudian, the working capital varies from 2,000 to 5,000 yuan depending on the daily order quantity.At present, Tiktok Shop is still in the bonus period, merchants who plan to join the operation of Tiktok can seize the opportunity, any e-commerce problems are welcome to directly private message communication, follow Zhizhou, learn more about Tiktok operation ~