74-year-old grandmother, one living in the mountains for 31 years, 105 years old, three meals a day, cooking “exquisite”

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In the mountains of Dalian, Liaoning province, there lived an old woman who was over 100 years old. She should have been enjoying her old age, but she lived alone in a mountain hut, living conditions could be described as simple.It is said that this Grandmother Tang has been living alone in the mountains since the age of 74, and has been living in the mountains for 31 years now. What is it that makes her wait in the mountain hut all the time?Grandma Tang and her husband plunged into a mountain surrounded by many mountains.With their own efforts, they organized their small family and lived a happy life.But only the couple can know the struggle.After her husband died, Grandma Tang still lived in the cottage, living a secluded life.She did not miss the city’s prosperity, just want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.And what kind of charm does the mountain have that makes Grandma Tang so reluctant to leave?Many years ago, the beautiful young Grandma Tang married her husband.The two loved each other very much, but they were overwhelmed by the burdens of life.Both husband and wife are children of poor families, and there are many brothers and sisters, even if life is difficult, they will not get help from their families, after all, the actual situation is relatively similar.Grandma Tang and her husband run around in order to own a house of their own.But the price of the house is too high, they can not afford that much money, the husband and wife often sleep rough, hiding under other people’s eaves.In order to have their own house as soon as possible, the couple worked very hard, every day income, saving money.Blink of an eye, winter is coming, homeless how they should spend the cold winter.That day, the employer saw that they were really poor, and felt pity for them.The employer told them there was a vegetable garden on the hill that needed looking after, but it was a long way away.Grandma Tang and her husband thought for a long time. They didn’t want to go to the mountains either.The employer came to them a second time and said there was a shabby thatched hut and there was nothing to worry about.This word, tang Grandma and her husband some excited, they decisively agreed to go to the mountains.As it was a long journey, the two walked for several days. When they reached the vegetable garden, the sight was exciting.Next to a large vegetable garden was a dilapidated thatched hut that looked years old.Although the shabby level is larger, the couple is satisfied.The husband went to look at the vegetable garden first, while Grandma Tang cleaned up the small house.The garden grows well and the couple can enjoy the vegetables on weekdays.The house was not in a good condition, but this did not bother Tang’s husband, who was illiterate but hardworking.The husband himself found some wooden blocks and made them into benches, and the table and bed were reinforced.Everything was ready for a new life. Deep in the mountains, the sun was setting and a young couple embraced and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.Mrs. Tang and her husband settled down and kept the garden so beautiful that their employer was satisfied with them and gave them a raise.As they spent more time in the mountains, the couple became familiar with their surroundings.They were pleasantly surprised to find other people living deep in the mountains.Everyone is very simple and kind, but the mountains are so big that they all live far away from each other.However, life in the mountains is so simple and boring that they have to gather together to chat and relax.There was a spring deep in the mountains where people could always meet at the same time.At these times, Mrs. Tang and the other women would take a break and joke about their neighborhood.That year, Grandma Tang got pregnant.Her husband was thrilled that they could live on.It may be the first child, and the couple are very careful and often discuss the future of the child.At that time, the conditions were so bad that Tang worked all the time even though she was pregnant. Her husband loved his wife, but he had to do so to make a living.Time was slipping away, and Grandma’s belly was getting bigger.Ten months passed quickly. Tang was busy preparing meals for her husband when she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach and the baby came quietly to their home.Grandma Tang gave birth alone in her own home and silently endured the pain of childbirth.When the husband came home and saw the little boy lying in bed, his eyes lit up. The husband was so happy that he chose his son’s name himself.The next day before dawn, the husband went out to gather wood and build a large bed in the grounds of the thatched cottage.Mrs. Tang scolded her husband for his carelessness, and he told her with a smile that he had made beds for the children.Women in poor families are very difficult, after giving birth to a baby Tang Grandma is still doing housework.Her husband took care of the garden every day, and Mrs. Tang could only do her best for the family.With children babbling at home and a husband working hard, Grandma Tang’s life is getting happier and happier.Happiness comes to a Small Family Save money to Buy a Run-down House The employer was kind to Tang’s husband and saw him work hard and give him a raise.This is in the upswing of the small family, it may be said is timely help.A few years later, Tang and her husband had several children.Two people of leisure, looking at the children is very happy, the fatigue of the body has reduced a lot.May be born in a poor family, the children are also very sensible, they always follow behind their parents, do something within their power.Tang and her husband have been saving money for years, but still hope to own a house of their own.Although life has been hard, it has never lacked happiness.Finally, one day, they have some savings in hand, the couple thought about where to buy a house, looking at the garden in front of them reluctantly, the husband suddenly said that the employer has been kind to them, can not leave now.So Tang’s husband went to his employer and talked about buying the thatched cottage.The employer understood their feelings and offered to sell it to the couple at a low price. Both of them were very grateful and took more care of the garden.Seeing the thatched hut getting worse and worse and leaking rain, Tang’s husband decided to fix it and build a better house himself.They prepared for a long time, bricks, sand and other materials, spare time to build a new house where the thatched hut.They poured their heart and soul into every brick, every place was carefully thought out, and after many months, their new house was finally built.The simple life, the sudden death of his wife, continued for many years, and the family enjoyed life in three large tile-roofed rooms.Tang and her husband have six children, all of whom grew up and lived here.The old couple rely on the income from watching the garden to pay for their education and change their fate with knowledge. Fortunately, their children are also very good, which makes Tang and her husband even more gratified.But the eaglets always grow up, and they leave home to fly.Even when the children grow up, they remember living here every day.The children left the mountains and went to the big city to develop, with only Tang and her husband as companions.They were happy for their children, but they couldn’t leave the house they had built.Many years passed, and Both Tang and his wife were getting old.Grandma Tang’s husband was ill, but they still insisted on living in their own house. No matter how their children persuaded her, Grandma Tang’s husband insisted on recovering in the mountains.Tang Nai nai, who is good at cooking, accompanies her husband and cooks various delicacies.In their spare time, the children always took time to go back to the mountains to visit their father, but Tang’s husband died.Only grandma Soup a person, the children do not trust, try to let Grandma Soup to live in the city, have been a soup grandma rejected.Perhaps it was because her husband had just died and She couldn’t bear to leave. The children decided to try again after a while, but each time The answer was “no.”With the continuous development of society, the old neighbors who lived with Grandma Tang have all moved away, and only three tile-roofed houses are still standing in the mountains.Tang’s children were worried about her living alone and wanted to take her to live with them.The children were already full of children and grandchildren, and Tang did not want to cause them any trouble, so she stuck to the mountain hut.Parents always think about their children and are always afraid of being a burden to them, and this remote mountain has long been the hometown of Tang and her husband.Grandma Tang’s wife had been dead for 30 years, and She had lived alone for many years.From the age of 74 to 105, Tang Nai Nai lived deep in the mountains. Her children tried to take her away many times, but the stubborn Tang Nai Nai never agreed.Living conditions in cities are better for the elderly to recuperate.But Tomas thought her own home was better, with all the memories of her husband.Newlyweds go into the mountains and spend most of their lives here.The house can be said to be the spiritual sustenance of Grandma Tang, keeping the house is like being with her wife forever.Although Grandma Tang is old, she is hale and hearty and can take care of herself.She kept the house in perfect order and clean, and the children came to see her all the time, bringing lots of food with them, so She didn’t lack for food either.Since she was often alone, She felt lonely. As she had always done, she grew vegetables and tasted the green.She can cook many delicious dishes by herself, and her children can eat delicious dishes whenever they visit her at home.Vegetables were fresh and home-grown, and meat was regularly brought in by the children, so Mrs. Tang continued to have an appetite well into her hundredth year.Grandma Tang has her own secrets when it comes to cooking, and her dishes are delicious in color, smell and taste.Because the conditions in the mountains are not very good, in order to food safety, Soup grandma developed a habit of cooking, that is, no matter vegetables or meat, she likes to use boiling water first.This method can effectively kill the eggs, which is very good for health.In fact, Grandma Tang likes fish best. Soft fish is very suitable for the elderly.She would make dishes according to her own wishes. After dinner, she could sit in the sun and drink tea. She lived a very comfortable life.Although Grandma Tang lives alone deep in the mountains, she is not alone.She strong guard belongs to her and her husband’s little happiness, many years have lived a simple life, also wish Grandma Tang in the New Year health, peace and prosperity.