The tiger growled and pounced, so frightened that the poacher was hanged upside down in the tree by his own hanging ghost trap

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A lithe tiger squatted on the top of the hill, eyeing a man below, who was constantly setting a harness on the track, and purring furiously.He wanted to jump down the mountain at once and kill the accursed hunter who had scared away tiger Brother.The story begins at the beginning.This is a female tiger named Masha, from the famous primeval forest of Sikhot-Alyn in Russia’s Far East Siberia.It’s the free kingdom of the Siberian tiger.Unfortunately, there are only over 4,000 square kilometers of forest with nearly 500 tigers.Less land, more tigers, more tigers.Crowded tigers in limited forests often fight for territory.Although all the tigers are trying to endure, but the unbearable will break out.Because it doesn’t have to explode.Some of their territory has been usurped by the strong.Some of their own territory in the serious lack of edible animals, unable to feed and steal the neighbor’s territory.Some are forced to expand their territory in order to breed their own offspring…What’s more, the incessant, balky European wolves want to make their homes there, and their share of the limited forest edge.So Martha, who had just given birth to a litter of tiger cubs, began a long journey and training to migrate to Changbai Mountain in China with her two cubs, who were just two years old.When she stepped into the hunchun mountains in China’s Jilin Province, Martha was immediately attracted by the dense, diverse forests and peaceful environment.Soon, two young tigers grew up resolutely left the mother tiger Martha, each into the depths of changbai Mountain entrepreneurship to go.★ Martha decided to settle down in Zhang Guangcailing Martha no baby a light.It strolled around in the Changbai Mountains.She wants to make her home in China, and she wants to choose a stable oasis where she can reproduce — a litter of true Siberian tigers.It sauntered into the Zhangguangcai Mountains.Along the way, there was no terrible sound of chainsaws chopping wood, the sound of horns “falling down the mountain” and the sound of the motor of the rumbling vehicles transporting materials.All he saw were uneven but thriving patches of plantation and natural forests.Much hillside farmland has been converted to forest.Although there are smoke curling in the valley, the crow of chickens and the barking of dogs, but no longer as the legend of so noisy.In the forest, there are many tinkling cowbells, that is the farmers grazing cattle in the mountains.It really is an oasis of stability.The undulating mountains are all below 1,000 meters, and there are mixed forests and simple broad-leaved forests everywhere.In the ravine are patches of grass covered with tartans and magnolias.There are wild boar and deer, roe deer in the meadow shrubs to pick food.This is a paradise not found in Russia!Martha gave a roar of joy.★ Snow closed mountains, Martha began to prepare for the next love after the advent of light snow solar term, Wan Mu rustling Linhai instantly became a snow-covered snow field.It was snowing day and night. All the trees and the sticky trees were covered with snow like flowers and leaves.Martha rolled merrily in the snow, and gave it another vigorous shake, so that the snow that clung to her shook filthily to the ground.She wants to clean her hair with snow to make her more beautiful and attractive to the males.Martha came to the top of the mountain, in front of thousands of mountains tiger roar, roar if thunder, the valley responded.Martha wanted the tigers around to know that this was Martha’s new territory.It’s Tiger Brother, Tiger Lang, and Martha is waiting.It’s Tigress tigress. Please go away now.This is Martha’s bridal hall. Female tigers of the same sex are off limits.Otherwise, the consequences will be serious.These days, Martha has been in a period of physiological arousal.She is eager to fall in love immediately and she is eager to have a litter of cubs in her new territory in China’s Zhangguangcai Mountains.So, all day long, it roams around its territory, and every now and then it goes up and calls and listens.Sometimes he wondered if he was too impatient, if he didn’t want to call out, and made tiger brothers and Tiger Brothers hate or fear him.It knows that all male tigers are afraid of a difficult “tigress”!But he could not bear it.It gritted its teeth to control the restlessness of the heart, quiet for a few days.But its quietness makes its territory unsafe.It keeps noticing humans coming into its territory and sneaking around doing something.It immediately took cover and soon smelled rust.When the men had left, he came to the place that smelled of rust, and found the steel sleeves cleverly placed on the path that the beast had trod.It used its right forepaw to touch the twig-like wire sleeves, only to be caught and tightened.Martha broke out in a cold sweat. The more she struggled, the more she shook off the damn condom!The neighborhood was trampled like ground.Exhausted by the struggle, he rested in fear.Unexpectedly quiet down slowly rubbing wire sleeve should have loosened himself.Martha carefully pulled out the tiger’s paw and fled with a long cry of joy.The jaws of death!He congratulated himself on his escape.Martha memorized the rust-smelling snare and dodged the wild beasts in the woods.Martha was in a good mood, her restless physiology urging her once again to stand on the top of a mountain and roar like spring thunder.The valley roared and the sound shook the fields.Cheerful Martha began to hunger in her stomach.He wanted to hunt, so he quietly headed for the gully where ungulates feed.The smell of rust and carcasses came from the beast track just ahead of us as we came down the ridge of the mountain.Martha watched warily.A roe deer dead on the beast path!As he walked cautiously toward it, he saw at last that it was the same wire harness that had strangled his tiger’s paw that day, and had broken the roe deer’s neck.It was afraid of their own experience that day, looking at the dead roe deer unexpectedly no appetite.Turned a mountain beam, it unexpectedly found a 100 jin or so wild boar was also strangled to death in the animal path.Martha looked at the dead pig for a long time. Finally she turned away and came to another valley.Unfortunately, another doe was strangled to death on the track by the ditch. Crows pecked holes in her body.Martha was alarmed.They were so ubiquitous that they strangled a few roe deer pigs in a few places.Will there be any animals left to hunt in my territory?It’s terrible!Martha encountered no more roe deer, deer or wild boar that day.He could not bear his hunger, so he had to eat the dead boar carefully.★ Wire set unexpectedly caught tiger brother tiger legs a few days later, is on the top of the mountain passion singing Martha finally heard the distance rolling spring thunder like tiger roar.It was the voice of a male tiger, and it was the voice of a young male tiger with full confidence, strong, majestic, and full confidence, and it was in your ears and in your heart.Martha hurried to respond with her head held high, such as the sound of a love song: Tiger sister virtual seat, is waiting for Tiger brother to come!Soon the roar came closer and closer.Martha jumped up and down the hill and danced for joy.Finally forget the female reserve, toward the male tiger roar direction ran.Nearer, nearer.Opposites attract, the two tigers all the way in each other, so can’t wait to run together to celebrate the encounter, know each other, love.Martha gives the male tiger a tour of his territory.Tiger, also excited, strolled unwary through Martha’s territory, only to stumble over a wire harness on his front leg.Tiger brother lost his face in front of Martha, not in spite of a furious roar, a leap to try to break the leg of the wire sleeve son, the result of the side of the thick bowl of the tree was shaken by him, the leg of the sleeve tighter and tighter, very much like cutting flesh.Martha had been caught in a trap once and had the experience of getting out of it.He lovingly comforted the fearful and irate tiger brother, telling him to relax, relax and relax, and then gently prying the tight wire sleeve with his paw, finally making the wire sleeve off tiger brother’s tiger legs.Tiger brother looked at the wire sleeve on the ground with fear, and moved the tiger’s leg, which had been tightened by the sleeve, as expected, he was free.This dish steel wire covers already frighten it completely did not have the impulse of love, here seems hell, just charming Martha also became ferocious night fork.You can’t stay here long!Tiger brother roared a channeling up the mountain, continuous several ten meters across, toward the distance channeling.★ Martha lovelorn, the anger to poachers on Martha very disappointed hundred lost thousand points lost.He ran away ruthlessly, as if taking with him his heart, his happiness, his hope.Trace it back to that damn set of wire beast traps.Back to the source, it’s the poacher with the condom.It focused all of its anger on the poacher with the trap.If I see him, I’ll kill him.It believed that the stealthy poacher was not Wu Song.Unfortunately, the poacher has not entered the mountains in recent days.Martha ate the roe deer and the wild boar until they were nothing but bones.Aren’t you trying to rob me of my food?I gave you nothing!Finally, Martha waited until the poacher arrived.Unable to contain his anger, he flew out with a roar.The poacher first heard the roar of a tiger and then saw a tiger flying down the hill. He was frightened and ran away.After all, people are slow and tigers are fast. When the tiger pounced on them like a mountain, the poacher suddenly felt his foot trip and his body was lifted into the air.So he stepped on his own design of the hanging man!Now he’s hanging upside down like a trapped animal.The tiger man rose to his feet and clawed at him, almost grabbing his head.He quickly curled himself around his hanging leg.In the distance came the voice of the forest patrol.The poacher shouts: Help!