“Still eat” official announcement file, Xu Kai was accused of makeup feminine not imperial temperament, filter ash was laughed at

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By Wu Jinyan, Xu Kai starring ancient costume inspirational food drama “Still Food” finally officially announced the file, will meet with you on February 22.”Still food” tells the story of Yao Zijin (Wu Jinyan) with a heavy selection into the palace is still food bureau, committed to the traditional food culture to carry forward, during the acquaintance of friends, but also met the emperor sun Zhu Zhanji (Xu Kai) story.The drama has attracted attention since it was shot, partly because the theme of ancient costume food is very eye-catching, and partly because it is a “reunion” of Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan.In The story of Yanxi Palace, Fu Cha Fu Heng played by Xu Kai and Wei Yingluo played by Wu Jinyan failed to have a happy ending due to various unavoidable reasons, which really made the audience feel sorry. There are still a lot of fans of The story.Now, Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan are working together again, and many netizens expect the two to make up for their previous regrets in the drama, which has gained some popularity.The release of the trailer when the drama was officially announced has caused a heated debate.What is surprising is that Shang Eat is clearly labeled as an “inspirational food drama”, but judging from the trailers, it is more like a period costume drama.Many netizens were deeply confused, saying, “What about cooking food?How did you change your power?Why did it become a palace intrigue?”In addition to the controversial subject matter, xu’s appearance and makeup in the drama has also sparked heated online debate.The story of Food Is set in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, when the clothing of the Ming Dynasty was more aesthetic. Xu Kai plays the role of Emperor Tai Sun, who is naturally very delicate in clothing.The clothes are good, but the makeup is not so brilliant.Some netizens joked that Xu kai’s makeup in the drama was more feminine than zhu Zhanji’s imperial temperament in history.Net friend said xu Kai is still suitable for playing a little milk dog, see Xu Kai as the emperor, minutes will play.From the stilts, xu Kai played zhu Zhanji although handsome, but really less a bit of imperial temperament, if not for the introduction of xu Kai is an emperor preconceived, I am afraid that many netizens will not xu Kai such appearance and emperor, at most will think that Xu Kai is also a noble son.In addition, The filter style of Shang Food also caused many netizens to ridicule.Still Food continues the filter style of Yanxi Palace, using morandi color filter.Perhaps getting a taste of the rave reviews it received in Yanxi Palace, Yu is using the same filter in the next few shows.The same filter will have different effect naturally in the drama of different themes, palace intrigue drama can also reveal a low-key luxury, but in food drama is not very appropriate.As you can see from the food screenshots in Shangchow, the filter makes food taste less delicious.Many netizens were encouraged by the filter, with jokes such as “the color makes clothes look faded”, “the filter is so dusty that you have no appetite to eat” and “the filter is disgusting again”.In recent years because of the filter problem overturned many film and television works, although the audience pursues beauty, but the premise is not distortion, blindly pursue “advanced” and ignore itself is also unnecessary.But then again, this is just a trailer, and we’ll see how it goes online.This article without authorization is strictly prohibited reprint offenders will investigate!