Is keeping good spirits not about whether you have money or not, but about whether you can’t sleep?

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See others busy all day to make a lot of money, there are a lot of people say insomnia anxiety, only their own inaction, but very little insomnia this statement.Is not not anxious, but you have to calm down, not war and chaos, distraught.Entrepreneur Wang Shi said that no matter how early or late he goes to bed, as long as he goes to bed ready for sleep, he can fall asleep in 20 minutes.It’s all trained.This is a conversation when I see Wang Shi and some host have dinner.Remember at that time to listen to this host meng, hard to believe that Wang Shi’s words are true!In fact, I believe what Wang Shi said is true, because I have a similar experience.This may be called letting go!During the day you will encounter a series of enough anxious enough busy enough tiresome things, if the night is still with these emotions toss and turn, even open eyes until the morning, in the long run, it will not drag people down.So, put down, with quiet way into Ming Ming thought, make the whole tired body gradually relax, gradually into the state of sleep.This requires a strong psychological suggestion, slowly become a habit of training.Once a habit is formed, an end is an established fact.Even after dawn, you’ll still have to deal with a lot of difficult issues and anxiety, but with sleep, you’ll have the energy to recover, your mind won’t be too confused, and you’ll have the strength to resist the unknown.If the body breaks down, everything breaks down.If I were to get ready for sleep, even if there were a noise outside my window, if my room were still and the earth was still, if I were to get ready for sleep, I would put the noise aside and fall asleep.Of course sleep and deep sleep are two different things.Sleep is the brain perception has entered the sleep state, deep sleep is the brain perception completely immersed in the sleep state, the whole nervous system began to clear the body left fatigue, is very good for health.Wake up, the whole body feel relaxed, tired and confused thinking, in this moment to recover, become clear.There is a limit to the length of life, and in this part of the road, each person is different, different fortune, different hold.Comply with nature, take the road in front of you is good!