Come and look at!Police uncle’s circle of friends exposed!That’s how people spend their holidays

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What did you post on your moments during the Spring Festival holiday?Bask in food, bask in beauty, bask in flag, bask in full vitality…However, the police circle of friends seems to be filled with “We are different”.There is a “bask” called stick to every day of the day and night in the city of peace behind the shu stick today, xiaobian take you into the police uncle’s circle of friends are hair what?The last post of the special police Officer Mo Yiting 2021 set out for the armed patrol of the north business district of the city!Shangyu district public security branch patrol brigade patrol high, patrol xu, patrol Zeng, criminal investigation Xiao Xie, treating an Xu elder brother, anti-drug Huang Ge, traffic police Xiao Wu Yingke Song: Good!Soldier: Xiao Wang: Police Hong Pengfei has been three consecutive years on both sides of the home are not back to stay in the big family of the Hundred party for the New Year baiguan police station Baiguan Xiao Meng, Baiguan Xiao Jun, Baiguan Xiao Wu, Xiao Rui, mom, wife, legal System Shao Jie Mom: Son, take care of yourself!Hong Pengfei: Mom, happy New Year!Under the tube police station deputy director Yang Jianggang the masses celebrate the festival, the public security guard.I’m on duty on New Year’s Eve!Shaoxing police Detention station Xiao Jiang, police patrol Mo Yiting, police station Xiao Ou, Xiao Zeng, criminal investigation Xiao Xie, aunt, Yingke Song police station Xiao Wei: manual Shao Jie I wish you all a happy New Year, go in peace, all the best, happy!Shangyu district public security bureau legal brigade legal ginger, police station Wang, traffic police Xiao Wu, xiao Coco, a happy family, Nike, mom, xiao Jie Xiao Li: small meatball: today you are on duty Ah Shao Jie: right, for the people!I will be on duty in the New Year. I wish you all a happy Year of the Tiger!00:07 Cao E police Station Police station Ginger traffic police Xiao Wu Wheat happy king mom small Zhang: early early ❤️ police Song Yufu convenient service open!Shangyu convenience people service center no. 2 hall police station ginger, traffic police ni, police station small yuan, police station small good, old pay, old Yao, small small fan Wang: backhand is a praise build north police station shou Rongcheng security problem can not open a little joke!Fireworks and firecrackers special governance action, we are in action!Shangyu District Gai Beizhen Xiumi, police station meng Meng, traffic police Xiao Wen, police station Rui Rui, police station Xiao Zhao, police station Xiao Xiao, Millet millet:Excellent police Wang Jiahao wanted to go to sleep directly, but really hungry New Year’s Day, reward their own “luxury midnight snack” Fenghui police station sent xiaofeng, special police Officer Xiaou, police station Xiazeng, criminal investigation Xiagao, public security xiaai, police station Xiawu, police station small welcome guest song: chong!Happy family: small Mai Rui: Baiguan police station Qi Ruijie to the mother on adults please leave the first not at home over the Spring Festival Shangyu district police station small hao, police station small ginger, traffic police small circle, colleagues Small Chen, colleagues small Xu, mother on big mother on adults: son, mother proud of you!The police Ge Yifeng New Year’s Eve on duty, feel different taste.Wish shangyu 110 tiger tiger alive and thriving!Shangyu district public security sub-bureau small, police station ginger, love refers to small thunder, love refers to small once, criminal investigation old king, elder sister, criminal investigation old high love refers to small thunder: hard police Tu Cheng Building bask in food?Bask in the beauty?We bask in peace!Drying stick!Shaoxing East Station – exit colleagues Chen Zi, police station Xiao Zhou, traffic police Xiao Wu, police station Xiao Le, police station Xiao Feng, Lei Zi, old king colleagues Chen Zi: in the same post, I wish a happy New Year!Police station auxiliary police Jiang Suzhen received a red “New Year gift”, happy!Lianghu Police Station police station xiao Sheng, police station river, UU, round son, Mai Mai, swallow, millet millet: excellent finish beginner’s mind such as rock, mission on the shoulder!We use the “f” to protect the masses “at peace” 2022 New Year regardless of the old year and no matter when and where to have been a year to source | shangyu public security editor: wood, jade, all peer originator if infringement please contact deleted