This life-saving document, it’s all over the screen

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The document, which can be edited online, was created on the early morning of March 20, and has been viewed more than 100,000 times. The picture shows the front page of the “Quanzhou Anti-epidemic Mutual Assistance Document”.On March 23, Mr. Wang, a liver cancer patient in Yongchun County, asked for help in the document:”I am a liver cancer patient. The package of targeted drugs is in urgent need. There are no drugs left in jinjiang magnet oven express pointWorried, “wang was in control area is not to take drug delivery and delivery but the doctor’s advice” medicine can’t stop “long time no get medicine may have dangerous life volunteers KeSheng water after seeing help information launched a” love relay “express Courier points are rummage from hundreds of thousands of package” life-saving medicine “quanzhou student of nankai university yong-lin zhang in the volunteer group found in the mailMs. Yang from the government department, Ms. Yang helped contact the vehicles…Finally, the drug was delivered to the patient. The picture shows a chat between the volunteer and Mr. Wang, a liver cancer patient.”More than 8 months pregnant pregnant women is urgently needed in quanzhou carp city 2 hospital intensive care unit type B blood platelet but near quanzhou center is an abysmal lack the blood platelets in the blood stations have good intention can help us” Lin surgery for pregnant wife sought-after platelet 18 March 28, when the volunteers to a document issued for help with the review, forwarding for help information is 2 hours he calls “a fewThe number of blood donors has exceeded the demand for surgery. The picture shows Mr. Lin thanking volunteers for their help.The document set up several columns including turning requirements, medical guide outbreak announcement, founder of Q&A Q&A area such as document Lin Tingting says only a few lines began to form very rough 20 college student volunteers at noon and loving people reached out to help merge, maintenance and operation documents of youth volunteers the documents maintenance and demand docking unit from quanzhou, Beijing, wuhanIn Nanjing, Hangzhou, Tianjin and other places, they called themselves “Quanli”. The picture shows young volunteers expressing their hope to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.A growing number of voluntary offers of help and donations are posted on the mutual Aid document, in addition to requests for help: “I can help with shipping!””I can provide surgical masks!””I can donate fruit and vegetable supplies!”Warmth from all sides…The picture shows the message in the section “Supporting materials” of the document.At the same time, more people have to “stay” at home or cut off by the epidemic in other places. They “build buildings” in the way of the document message board left blessings to protect the city in another way. The picture shows people in the document “message board” section for Quanzhou refueling.Words and messages, love like a warm current between the pulsating cursor in the flickering screen in the spring flow