Shenzhen Evening News | Shenzhen has helped upgrade heyuan Water Plant to improve water quality for more than 20,000 local residents

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Recently, the summary and exchange meeting of water quality improvement Project of Lankou Town, Dongyuan County, Heyuan City was held. The reporter learned that Shenzhen Environmental Water Group (hereinafter referred to as Huanshui Group) helped upgrade and transform local Huimin water works, which further improved the water quality of 20150 residents in 6 villages of the town.Previously, Shenzhen city dispatched to heyuan City Dongyuan County Lankou town task force received a message from the town Party Committee, due to the continued lack of rain, the town’s Huimin tap water plant appeared insufficient water storage, water quality decline and other situations, to solve the People’s Daily water problem is imminent.Later, the team contacted Huanshui Group through the Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions and issued a request for assistance.Wu Hui, chairman of Huanshui Group, attached great importance to the deployment of the group in the first time, gave full play to the group’s technical advantages, and set up a technical team led by chief engineer Zhang Jinsong.After several weeks of hard work, a scientific solution was formed by going from street to street, conducting in-depth research, testing water quality four times, holding six special meetings and discussions.In order to ensure the effectiveness of the scheme, Huanshui Group sent technicians to stay in the water plant for 3 weeks to pay close attention to the actual development of the project. After repeated verification, adjustment and improvement, the upgrade and transformation of Huimin water plant was finally completed before the Spring Festival, which further improved the water quality of 20150 residents in 6 villages of the town.At the summary meeting, the relevant person in charge expressed gratitude to Shenzhen Huanshui Group for its strong support on behalf of lankou Town people’s government.”Shenzhen and Heyuan drink the same water from the East River,” said Zhang Jinsong, head of the project team.In order to do a good job of the town’s follow-up water supply work, he suggested continuing to promote the upgrading and renovation of Huimin waterworks, accelerate the upgrading and renovation of water supply pipelines, further improve the management level of water plants, promote information and digital construction, to ensure the smooth follow-up operation of water plants.Shenzhen Evening News reporter Yuan Ye correspondent Tao Liu statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: