Men prefer to make money hard, but also can’t shout to the wife

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Vegetable dish, I am the wife, jing sheng net last week just divorce, spin son, son is 3 years old, all return me, downtown 3 rooms 2 hall, next door village new of open market already want 1100, door model return as good as my home.Also not afraid of your joke, the current male ticket is silk silk, non – woven door, 35.I divorced because my ex-husband didn’t care about me.He was out all day long drinking big wine, every day drunk after coming back, but also to me Shouting, old niang angry, direct cheating, this thing is not to blame me, right log?Male ticket is a 4s manager, a monthly income of 0.8.I once went to buy a car, he contacted me every day, and finally made love.I didn’t go to work these years.On the first day of my divorce, my boyfriend moved in and didn’t care.I was afraid my neighbors would see it and let him go back, but he resolutely refused to go back, and THERE was nothing I could do.Because of the Spring Festival, my boyfriend has been staying with me for half a month.He doesn’t go out. He just plays games and eats.Now, he feels very good, urgent roar roar want me to get a certificate.I knew he was interested in me, and in my spinney.I’m afraid of gossip and want to wait.I just wanted to ask you, how long do you wait to get remarried?Is three months enough?Answer: male ning makes money hard, but also can’t shout loudly to wife of, otherwise, one pot end, all be somebody else’s.