In October last year, netizens broke zhang’s relationship, and Yanxujia’s manager deleted her weibo account

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I believe a lot of people know that paparazzi in the yanxujia affair, there is an unexpected harvest, the woman is suspected to be Zhang Zifeng?Although Yanxu Jia and Zhang Zifeng did not admit love, but also did not deny love, from the photos, it does look like Zhang Zifeng.In fact, yanxu has been followed by paparazzi in recent days. His manager also knows that yanxu has posted a post on his Microblog twice, telling them to “stop taking photos and stop following them. They can’t take any photos several times a week”.However, yanxu’s manager deleted her posts mocking paparazzi after the affair between yanxu and Zhang zifeng became public on Feb 16.So, yanxu agent is not guilty?The default yanxu Jia and Zhang Zifeng’s love?Generally speaking, if celebrities are not in love, they will come out and deny rumors.And has been silent stars, are hidden.Of course, there is also a case: that is, like Jinchen, there is often a scandal, so Jinchen generally does not respond.But Zhang Zifeng is the first time there is a scandal, if it is false, she will certainly deny it;If Zhang does not deny it, it is the default.As early as 8:58 PM on Feb 15, a netizen changed his name to “Did Yanxu Jia break up with Zhang Zifeng today” and started punching in every day.Netizen message: “I go, knew yesterday, fierce.”In fact, as early as October 9 last year, some netizens said that Yanxu Jia and Zhang Zifeng were dating.Zhang zifeng and Yanxu Jia secretly dated for at least four months from October 9 last year to February 14 this year. It’s really hard for them.If Zhang’s boyfriend were a vegetarian or a lesser-known artist, netizens would understand.But why is it a blessing in disguise?Yanxu Jia is a member of X Jiuquan Youth Group, and Xiao Zhan is a teammate;Used to be a member of R1SE, and Zhou Zhennan is a teammate.As a lover, Yanjia is not very disciplined. In 2020, it was revealed that he was in love with many girls at the same time.Yanjia eventually apologized, but did not admit that he was dating four people. Instead, he stressed, “When we are together, we are undivided. There is no one other than two.”Yanjia also promised her fans that she would focus on her work and study in the next few years, and not get involved in relationships.Unexpectedly less than a year and a half, Yanxu jia hit his face.Wu Qinggong, a non-famous entertainment critic, pointed out that Zhang Zifeng should fall in love. If she has never fallen in love, how can she shoot love scenes in the future?Her first on-screen kiss was with Actor Liang Jingkang in My Sister and with Actor Wu Lei in Summer Future, but they were both awkward.Discussion: do you think Zhang Zifeng should fall in love with Yanxu Jia?