Henan express little brother lost a compensation of 536 yuan, but later found, the customer deliberately did not return the money

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What is the most grievous thing in the world, many people have an answer, Lao Wang is no exception, and he gave the answer is he just experienced a thing.Lao Wang is a Courier in Zhengzhou, Henan province, a Courier company, not long ago, he accidentally lost the customer’s express son, which made Lao Wang very worried, this matter can be big or small, but out of professional ethics, he immediately to the lost customer to call, and said that he would bear the loss.After Lao Wang made a sincere apology, the customer also generously said that they would not pursue the matter, as long as the Courier is willing to bear the loss.So, after negotiation, Lao Wang transferred the compensation to miss Li, the owner of the lost parcel, and Miss Li said she could understand the situation after receiving the money.Lao Wang was furious at what happened after he thought the incident was over.What on earth made Lao Wang so angry?01 Lao Wang has been doing the express industry for several years. This industry is not a good job in the eyes of others, and the working environment is hard to talk about, and the salary is not much, but he fell in love with this job and invested a lot of energy.That day, Old Wang started out with a load of rapt and confused merchandise, including deliveries from several neighborhoods, which he spent the morning carrying.However, when he was sorting out the goods in the process of delivery, he unexpectedly found that the goods did not match with the list in some places, and there seemed to be one piece missing, which made Lao Wang worried, after all, there was a fine for losing one piece.However, he rummage through the cabinets for a long time also did not find that a express, but under the helpless, he can only cancel the delivery, back to the express store to find the list of that express.But unfortunately, the express is not in the express gate.Lao Wang reluctantly accepted the fact that there was an 80% chance that the parcel was lost in the process of his delivery, but because he had traveled too many places, he couldn’t remember where he had lost the parcel.Express little elder brother Lao Wang Lao Wang had to find the contact information of the buyer of the express miss Li from the express list, in the first time to dial the phone, he explained the cause and effect of this express, and sincerely apologized.After hearing this, Miss Li was very angry, but she accepted Lao Wang’s apology because he was sincere and willing to pay for his mistake.Subsequently, Miss Li sent the lost express amount and documents to Lao Wang.Lao Wang was also very straightforward. After checking, he immediately transferred the total amount to Miss Li, totaling 536 yuan.However, to Lao Wang’s surprise, a few days later he inadvertently in the corner of the express store, found miss Li lost that express.Seeing the package recovered, Lao Wang soon called Miss Li and said that he had found her missing piece and could send it to Her at any time.After listening, Miss Li gave him an address.But no one thought, when Lao Wang “according to the picture” to the express delivery, Miss Li will never contact.This can put Lao Wang to anxious bad, although 536 yuan is not much, but it is also his hard-earned money, and he did not lose Miss Li’s express, so it is not their dereliction of duty.However, after several negotiations with Miss Li, she did not hear from him, so he tried to propose that some of the original compensation should be deducted to compensate her for the delay in delivery.But even after Lao Wang’s various “concessions”, Miss Li still did not respond.This angered the good-nattered wang, who told Li in a wechat message that he would call the police if she did not return the money.Pictures from the network, for a long time didn’t reply miss li had sent a message back, Lao wang came to miss li think Lao wang had deliberately threat to her, and miss li in the voice tone is very angry, because she accused of pharaoh’s service attitude is very poor, she said she would never pay for Lao wang had “damages”.After seeing several fruitless negotiations, Lao Wang was more helpless. He had clearly been very sincere, but the customer Miss Li’s handling methods made him difficult to accept.In the end, Lao Wang had to find relevant media to “fight for justice” for himself.After reporters arrived, Lao Wang explained the cause and effect of the matter, he said That Miss Li can be deducted from the compensation according to the provisions, which is her rights and interests, but can not say not to give it, after all, his hard earned money is not wind casually blow.After the reporter received the help of old Wang, soon contacted Miss Li.Miss li after know the reporter purpose, injustice, the express this is customer service communicated with each other, hope to deliver goods as soon as possible, and the delivery is a more urgent need of skin care products, because express little elder brother’s mistake, Lao wang is can bear the loss of her express, but he can take his skin care problems?More make Miss Li angry is, Lao Wang even issued to her police “threat”, she can ignore Lao Wang to harassment, but this “threat” who will be responsible for?After hearing this, Lao Wang was speechless. He was clearly just trying to recover his hard-earned money, but how could miss Li misinterpret it as “harassment”. Besides, he couldn’t get his money back, so shouldn’t he ask the police for help?Seeing both sides of the argument, are not willing to compromise, finally the reporter had to say to Miss Li can go to the relevant hospital for skin detection, if there is really a skin care problem, and then further raise how to deal with or how to compensate for the problem.When Lao Wang heard this, he also nodded yes. He said that he would never refuse to accept what he had to bear, and that this was not what he wanted to see. Therefore, if Miss Li was willing to negotiate in a calm manner, he was willing to make concessions on this incident and not force her to return the full amount of compensation.But Miss Li was unrelenting and began to argue passionately with Lao Wang.04 Soon, as the two sides of the deadlock, Miss Li’s boyfriend arrived, after hearing the girlfriend’s explanation, Miss Li’s boyfriend said that they are not rude and unreasonable people, especially after hearing Lao Wang said that he was willing to bear part of the loss, he also said that such a way to deal with it is very reasonable.Later, the two sides launched a discussion on this issue, Lao Wang said that the 536 yuan of compensation, can wipe off the spare parts, return him 400 yuan only can, the remaining 136 yuan as the delayed delivery of compensation.But Ms. Li’s boyfriend was not satisfied with the compensation plan and began to bargain.Lao Wang had no choice but to give in again and gave several sums in succession.Li’s boyfriend was still aggressive. He said that he was not being unreasonable, but that Wang had made him dissatisfied with his girlfriend’s harassing and threatening attitude on wechat, and her girlfriend had been frightened by the “threatening”.Li then burst into tears, wailing: “You are a big man. You don’t want to haggle over 500 yuan with a 20-year-old girl.”Miss Li and Lao Wang Lao Wang immediately explained that he did not have any aggression from the beginning, just the matter of the matter, he just wanted to return their hard money, and even to the end, he did not call the police?He also said that for young people, the 500 yuan may be just a consumption on a trip, but for him, it should be equivalent to his salary for several days, not because he is haggling over every last thing, but because he needs this money to support his family.”Can you understand how I feel?Can you put yourself in my shoes?””Li said excitedly to Lao Wang, but she didn’t seem to think about it from his point of view.The negotiation seemed to be fruitless. The two sides were deadlocked and silent for a long time. Finally, Miss Li’s boyfriend stood up and said that he would let Miss Li pay back the money, but he needed to wait until the evening.But the amount of money is not much, why did he have to return it at night?The reporter saw Lao Wang face dew color, then put forward to let Miss Li return on the spot, after all, this money is not temporarily take out the amount of quantity.Miss Li, however, did not expect Miss Li “relapse” burst into tears, she firmly in such a way to accuse this Lao Wang’s behavior, as if Lao Wang committed a heinous “crime”.Lao Wang at this time is also a head two big, he is not back to their own money?How did it come to this?Miss Li’s boy friend sit not to live, he see cummer grievance of appearance, immediately fire, direct to Lao Wang angrily scold rise: “this how to deal with, you say she now all so how to deal with?”Miss Li squatted crying man “for justice” emotional more excited, at this time his expression of a choice and bite the way, let the present people suddenly silence up, Miss Li’s boyfriend pointed to Lao Wang several times want to start beating, if not for the reporter to block, the conflict is likely to escalate.In order to stop the shooting, Li’s boyfriend threatened to smash the reporter’s camera if the shooting went ahead.Lao Wang Lao Wang saw this, in line with the mentality of peace, called off the negotiation, he said he was willing to give up to return the money, also let reporters leave together.Things eventually ended in this way, but after the broadcast of this interview, immediately ferment on the Internet, caused a lot of netizens indignation, some people think that Lao Wang did not do wrong, but encounter such unreasonable people, the final can only let it go, when the disaster.Five hundred dollars can make a middle-aged man lower his head and two young men look so ugly.So what do you think, gentlemen?