Fated Founder: Women who understand men will be cherished

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I have seen such a love show, a host asked three wives: ‘Is there anything your husbands are hiding from you?They were all confident that their husbands could not hide it from us, and the most they could do was hide some secret money.The host then showed them a video of the interview with their husbands, one of whom was a delivery man. He said that his wife’s words were sometimes really hurtful. He always complained that I was a loser, and it made me sad every time I heard her say that!Another is a taxi master, he said his mother’s health is not good, so he gave a little money, not much, the most critical is that he did not dare to tell his wife, he foolishly said that he is not particularly weak ah.The last one, a small business owner, said he was stressed out sitting in his car for two hours every day after work.The host asked, “Why don’t you tell your wife?” He said, “What’s the point? I don’t want to annoy her.”After watching the video, three wives are red eyes, red eyes show what?It means these women are not bad!That means these men are good men!In reality, most families are similar, because we are ordinary families!I don’t know about all of you, but I know there will be a few whoops!Because in their eyes, can only see their own pay and injustice!But this ordinary man will be invisible to you, silently hiding their pressure and grievance!They can’t cry like a woman, they can’t affect their work, they can’t let you and your family see!So they like to hide in the car, smoke a cigarette in the toilet, play a game, watch videos to relieve the pressure or just find a quiet place to stay, it is not leisure, but healing, when you find a tear in the corner of his eye, wipe it away, you see a man who seems to care about everything!That’s just the strength he wants you to see, and not only do you not understand, but you pick on things that your husband already knows are true, like rubbing salt in his wounds!He gets used to being what you think of as cheeky!What can he do if he’s not thick? He has to pretend to be thick!Because when he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by people who depended on him, but there was no one he could rely on.This is the reality, even in front of his closest wife to wear a strong mask!So women who understand men’s vulnerability and pressure are spoiled like a treasure!Can have a woman who understands him, he again how willing to live up to!We ordinary people in the middle, monumental exploits, fear of unemployment, afraid can’t make money, don’t carry out loans, in the wife’s eyes still can’t earn a lot of money, but cannot leave the cowardly husband again, even in the face of the outbreak of war home at any time there are few easy magnanimous, age, most men collapse is what he want to do But unable to do.I have worked hard for half my life, but I am still not successful. I can’t squeeze out tears when I want to cry, and I have no one to complain. Therefore, a man is very lonely.Give your husband a sympathetic hug if you can see the ladies here.The man is not easy, but the life must continue, the wife’s understanding and encouragement can stimulate the man to face the courage and fighting spirit of life, marriage needs to operate, pay attention to me, the happiness of the family has hope!