Enlarge recruit!Another city plans to fully relax the requirements for settling down

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This article was transferred from;On March 31, the People’s Government of Dalian announced that in order to implement the “14th Five-year Plan” and relax the requirements for household registration, the Public Security Bureau of Dalian drafted the “Notice on comprehensively liberalizing the requirements for household registration (Draft)” on behalf of the municipal government, and began to solicit public opinions from today.Eligible people, their spouses and children can get hukou in Dalian, according to the draft.All district (city, county) people’s governments (management committees), municipal commissions and bureaus, large and medium-sized enterprises, and colleges and universities:To seriously implement the State Council, the people’s government of liaoning province to further promote the reform of household registration system, to adapt to the new situation of population development, promote the city’s population and economy, society, resources and environment harmonious and sustained development of the dalian city population development planning goals, will now open up in matters related to notice the following:1. Persons who meet one of the following conditions may, by themselves, their spouses and children, settle down in this Municipality.(1) Persons with educational qualifications of secondary vocational schools (technical schools) or above, professional technical personnel with recognized professional titles, and persons who have obtained national vocational qualification certificates.(2) students studying in ordinary colleges and universities (higher vocational colleges) and secondary vocational schools (technical schools) in this municipality.(3) persons who have signed labor contracts with the employing units in accordance with the law and have paid social insurance in the municipality.(4) persons who are employed flexibly in this Municipality and have paid endowment insurance and medical insurance.(5) workers and workers who have been approved by the municipal district (city or county) people’s governments (administrative committees) to move into units under an established system and have paid social insurance in this municipality.(6) Business operators (including individual industrial and commercial households) who have obtained business Licenses for investment and entrepreneurship in this Municipality.(7) persons who own houses with lawful property rights in the cities and towns of this Municipality.2. Parents, spouses and children of persons with household registration in the City may settle in the City.3. For the units to be moved to the city by the district (city, county) people’s government (management committee), the unit collective household shall be set up by the local police station and settled at the door.4. For those who are suspected of endangering national security and social stability and need to be investigated and dealt with, they should postpone the process of household registration transfer, and the public security organs should decide whether to grant the transfer after investigation and verification.This notice shall come into force on XX XX 20XX, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau shall be responsible for interpreting and issuing the guide for settling down.If the original municipal settlement policy is inconsistent with this circular, this circular shall prevail.In addition, the draft also shows that people with household registration in Dalian, their parents, spouses, children can settle in Dalian;The district (city, county) people’s government (management committee) of Dalian approved the built-up system to move into the unit, by the local police station to set up the unit collective household, and door-to-door settlement;For those who are suspected of endangering national security and social stability and need to be investigated and dealt with, the hukou transfer shall be postponed, and the public security organ shall decide whether to grant the transfer after investigation and verification.Compared with dalian’s previous hukou policy, the requirements for hukou are relaxed.For example, before settling down through social security payment, the applicant needs to work legally and stably in Dalian and pay social insurance for more than 6 months. Only when the applicant accumulates 150 points can he apply for settling down in the main urban area, and there are many additional conditions.But this draft only needs to pay social security can be settled.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com