Spring Festival does not stop jiangbei this key livelihood projects race against time to catch up

2022-06-18 0 By

Construction site.China Ningbo network correspondent Zhuang Yuan Chen Bo reporter Huang Cheng covered with muddy work clothes, stuck in the mud can not pull out of the rain boots……During the Spring Festival holiday, a group of people are still working hard at the construction site of the rental housing project in yingjialiyuan, Jiangbei District. They stick to the front line of the construction site, only to promote the livelihood of the project as soon as possible.It is understood that yingjielliyuan north rental housing project is a key livelihood practical project in Jiangbei District, constructed by jiangbei District Public Construction Center, the project with a total investment of about 2.31 billion yuan, mainly used for rental housing, commercial office and supporting buildings, underground parking garage, etc.At present, the project is in the preliminary stage of geological exploration.At the construction site, Master Tang is using a drilling rig to collect underground soil samples, mud splashed all over his face and body.Workers tang teacher from chongqing have all items in the jiangbei site work more than ten years, when reporters asked if want to home, he said: “think home is certainly want to, but now because of the outbreak, staying in jiangbei is messed up the government, and our side also need to site, taking advantage of this opportunity to also can make more money.”More than 20 workers, including Tang, from the provincial Geological survey Research Institute in the northern part of yingjiali Garden, stood firm at the construction site during the Spring Festival.It is understood that jiangbei District public construction center sent them to the condolence goods, but also at the site for everyone to cook dumplings meaning reunion, sent to their hands, eating steaming dumplings, Tang master and workers smile on their faces.Dumplings sent to the construction site.Photo provided by correspondent.”Early geological survey will directly affect the quality of the housing project, through the terrain, geology and hydrology and other elements of the exploration, analysis and comprehensive evaluation, can provide attention to the design of the construction project, construction measures and suggestions to provide the required parameters.”Zhang Xiaochun, head of the housing construction section of jiangbei District Public Construction Center, said while recording data in real time that, as the primary link of capital construction, a good preliminary geological survey can make a detailed demonstration of the construction site, ensure the reasonable implementation of the project, and promote the project to achieve the best economic, social and environmental benefits.”The project is very important and is scheduled to start construction in mid-May 2022, so we have a very limited time ahead of us and I have to be on site.”During the Spring Festival, Zhang Xiaochun did not relax, she has not returned to her hometown in Gansu province for the Spring Festival for five consecutive years, but she never complained, “I love this job, every landing project has my feelings in.”Construction site.Photo provided by correspondent