Rural Educator’s Notes | Tang Wenjie: A “conflict” promotes the common growth of my teacher and ME

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Editor’s note: from now on, “Youth Say” column plans to launch “rural educator notes”, to provide a platform for rural principals and teachers to show themselves, share what they have seen and heard in the education front line, and help the construction of rural education pilot area.In the second half of 2020, a great change took place in preschool education in our county. Some old teachers retired and a group of young teachers stepped onto the stage of preschool education.My garden also ushered in a few young teachers, they are energetic, energetic, but also particularly responsible.It’s just that responsibility sometimes leads to bad things.Outdoor activities, the new teacher Xu Yanping was afraid of hurting children, help children take equipment, hand in hand to teach children how to play outdoor games, reflecting a strong sense of responsibility.But I see in the eye, but anxious in the heart.This is exactly the opposite of the idea of independent games in our kindergarten, so I quickly spare time to train young teachers in the concept of games.The new teachers all love learning, listening to me talk about letting go, talk about the concept of trust, one by one nodded, thoughtful, if something.The next day, to see Teacher Xu, I found that she was in the game when the hand shopkeeper, idle shuttle in the game field, my mood immediately came up.I checked myself and asked her why.She said, “Didn’t you tell us to let go yesterday?I’ve tried very hard not to ‘teach’ my kids how to play, not to stop the seemingly irrational play.”Look at her persuasive appearance, I said angrily: “you see what you learn, is really monkeys break corn, forgetful!”She saw me angry, also angrily said: “you see you, do not let go not, let go also not, this preschool teacher how so difficult to do?I’m not done yet! ‘Said, she really went to find the principal to resign.Looking at her so firm figure, I also feel that his words are heavy, then followed her to the principal’s room.As it happened, Principal Song was away and Principal Liu received us.Liu patiently listened to her words, in the face of Teacher Xu, said to me: “Tang, I know you are kind, but it takes time for young teachers to grow up.Teacher Xu just go to work a few days, do you think she and you are the same?”I hurried to apologize to Teacher Xu.Xu teacher is also a reasonable person, she said: “in fact, I am not angry with Tang teacher, I also want to do a good job, but this is not good, that is not good, I also feel helpless ah!”Liu seriously said: “this we can understand, you rest assured, I will and tang teacher together for everyone to find the grip.”Under the guidance of Principal Liu, I designed the “Outdoor independent game children’s Development Analysis Table”, listed the learning quality and the five fields of ability development goals, guide teachers to share what I saw and what I understand from the aspects of learning quality and ability, so that teachers can find the basis from the list of contents from the activities.Combined with the list, Xu shared in the game case “Swing with Hemp Rope” : “The little girl can find that standing on the rope’s big bumps will make her stand stronger, and can try different ways to climb up the rope.Using roller, wanted to jump in, but after the failure mechanics, in top rollers, as you can see the little girl is exploring spirit, continuously improve gameplay, later can find drum as auxiliary material, combine game, embodies the little girl on the material is full of curiosity, like to explore, she study in good quality.”I feel very happy to see her growth from teacher Xu’s sharing.In our joint efforts, my garden young teacher grew up quickly, the children’s outdoor autonomous level had the very big game, each time outdoor activities, so big of the playground is lively scene: some tires structures, bridge, some children were playing drum, some play climb the ladder, or take different instruments together, playing a different wonderful…Whenever at this time, teachers can always take out their mobile phones in a calm manner, record the wonderful moments of children with videos and photos, and analyze children’s ability development and improvement of learning quality in the form of game cases.Under the scientific observation and analysis, teachers accumulated a large number of game cases and formed a game case library.A “conflict”, let us through effective research, explore out the correct analysis of children in the independent ability and the development of the quality of learning strategies in the game, let the teachers understand the real game young children’s learning and development, promote the teachers grow up together, and I made me realize more clearly as a business manager, must have the observation ability, problem consciousness and analysis ability,We can catch teachers’ confusion in their work, help them build a scaffold to find and solve problems, and serve, promote and guide teachers’ professional development.Therefore, I will study hard, continue to innovate, actively explore effective ways for teachers’ professional growth, and make a modest contribution to improve the professional quality of kindergarten teachers.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: