Mrs. Dendhu zhuhai has been challenging Fang Jianming’s oath

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Fang Jianming oath: vow not to marry for life, life only loyal to emperor Xu.Fate (Baixi deed)+ providence lane people (early encircled, resulting in the death of hairpin, Di Xu was seriously injured).How about not closing in early?Perhaps the result is the same, after all, in war life is nothing, no one can predict.When hai city wanted to kill Emperor Xu, because of the death of his father, because of the pearl tax caused so many people died in vain.The collector was still saying, “It is your Majesty’s will to burn the villages and drag the people to Hanzhou to be sold as slaves if they do not pay the taxes.”There was a big problem in the relationship between the three men.Hai city (because of saving grace) protect Fang Jianming hai city (because of pearl tax) killed Di Xu Fang Jianming (because of Baixi, because of the oath) protect Di Xu.Hai city (killed emperor Xu) is equivalent to killing Fang Jianming.In fact, in a word, the people to protect the city, the people to kill is the same person, but the city does not know.The war between them began.The first round (three people war, Fang Jianming suffered flesh wounds, and said to the city of a kind of take the heart) because of the help of the city, because Fang Jianming had planned to let The princess Tilan to great expedition and kiss.Emperor Xu because hairpin is not willing to accept the princess, so in advance to let the ji duct to protect him.Who knows, the small sea city has slipped through the net.Her nature was lively and mischievous, and without her master in the jiji duct, she began to go to Xiping Port to look for Zhuo Ying.Zhuhai smart, even if emperor Xu sent several obstruction, zhuhai poked the scandal, will return to the Apocalypse Tilan.Emperor Xu angry, fang Jianming how willing to let the city be tortured?Let the whistle take the city to the outside to avoid in advance.City is not by the rod, but she still ran to ji duct, see the master and brother by the rod at the same time, and because of pearl tax.She must assassinate Emperor Xu this time, some bullets said, do not say female main assassination, I want to give you a knife.Can let Fang Jianming so angry, say the words of the heart, in fact, is not the city of Tilan back to the apocalypse, his rod, but her assassination emperor Xu.The beginning of the city to do this is because emperor Xu is unfair to the master, for no reason by his rod, to come forward for Fang Jianming.In the end, they were fang Jianming kicked out of the ji duct, even if the last was not kicked out, Fang Jianming that criticism let the city was very unbearable.The challenge of the oath failed.Reasons for failure: not understanding (Emperor xu’s real purpose), not calm (assassinate the king is a heinous crime).The second round (three people together, Fang Jianming do not listen to propaganda to protect the city, and leaked his true identity).Zhuhai heart knot is bead tax, Emperor Xu let her take part in the martial exam, wrote a theory “on shark beads”, we can sum up fang Jianming several times to remind her not to kill emperor Xu, that can scold him.Hai city called Emperor Xu, Emperor Xu began to storm ministers, Fang Jianming took years of evidence collected, three people, bead tax problem soon solved.In fang Jianming’s life, life only loyal to your Majesty, in addition to the protection of emperor Xu, he began to blatantly protect the city.Hai city because crazy emperor get wrong CP to go to huangquan pass garrison, just north, Fang Jianming began to persuade emperor Xu to put down the past, put down hairpin.And he is also saying that they can not control the fate, should not expect anything.He admitted that he had thoughts in his heart, just thinking, dare not have higher requirements.Fang Jianming began to think about his life, have ideas will have action.(Life only loyal to Emperor Xu this is too monotonous, is not let their own life some color.)The third round of Lanzi City (city of love) Lanzi City, I saw the city and Fang Jianming with tacit understanding, whether it is to send a signal, or two people immediately shoot arrows, all cooperate perfectly.Fang Jianming sent those gifts how can others understand it?When the city saw a pull, and look at other gifts, immediately know the next yuan festival to start action.Then she and the hhKU right dun King began to deal with, and went to the cell to pass the message, inside and outside, soon hhku right out of Lantz City.But the city to Fang Jianming was cut a knife, the knife fang Jianming completely fell.Although he took care of Hai Hai day and night, he still couldn’t wake up and became sicker and sicker.Lanzi city Lord Salia took out the holy medicine of gaman royal family, Fang Jianming mouth feeding medicine.When She woke up, she had to buy sugar for her because her hands were cold and she had to buy a cloak because of the wind.Fang Jianming do not listen to the will, he was injured not far away from langz city to save the city.When heard the identity of the city was exposed, trapped in the city house, may be the right king to marry.Fang Jianming anxious, he has been in the hands of the heart pet big city, may become someone else to marry, how can he accept it?Fang Jianming’s love words are monotonous, the keyword cold (because the wind is strong, just hurt) the fourth round of the apocalypse city because of the Huangquan Pass world War I good performance, was named from the three yunhui general.Promotion this is a good thing, but for Fang Jianming this is their obstacles together.Female officials from three products, if caught, it is the crime of deceiving the king.Those speech officer is originally to this from three product officer envy envy hate, if know what point again, that still don’t know to use what unitary.They later went back to their hometown to satisfy the audience’s desire for sugar.Fang Jianming pick up seafood, coax the city of niang happy, listed set to buy seafood, how two people look like husband and wife.Apocalypse city is really a very inclusive capital, here is full of eyes, full of backstabbing.Fang Jianming’s body is fast to be tied into a sieve, and was designed by Su Ming, this is really coming.The body does not strive, the situation does not give force, then let the previous “love” draw a comma.The two men were at daggers drawn.Already saw the mouth gourd, now there is nothing to say.Take a rest it’s getting late. Take a rest.You’re tired. Go rest.It doesn’t matter what the tension is, but the mad emperor is starting to mix things up again.He may be to accept the last ju Dian clothes to give marriage no purpose of the lesson, this time even if Fang Jianming does not agree, still issued imperial edits.Zhou Youdu just let Fang Jianming eat some vinegar, but fang Jianming this marriage power is much bigger than Zhou Youdu.Two people are tortured, the city is more and more open, can not do fellow traveler, then let the master do the leader.Fang Jianming has felt that the city began to give up, said in the letter, half by manpower, half by days.She had realized that master did not like her, so why did she insist?Fang Jianming can continue to install it?In front of the fine calm, in front of the city with indifference, loaded to the end, the city learn to give up, their installed to collapse.Therefore, the end of the Side of the Qing Dynasty, Fang Jianming must let his breathing, standing to the door of the Huishen building has been waiting for the city to finish drinking wine.Drunk city finally heard fang Jianming that sentence “I will protect you, for you can not be loyal to your Majesty.”Zhuhai finally let Fang Jianming broke the oath of life only allegiance to emperor Xu.Cherishing (No one knows how much I cherish you) As a matter of fact, none of the obstacles placed in front of them have been removed.A hole you dig, you have to fill.Baixi is for the sake of national righteousness, hai women disguised as men is fang Jianming to the temptation of choice.Fang Jianming poisoning, zhuhai women dressed as men exposed.Two people at the same time, this is the war of three people, Emperor Xu finally know fang Jianming always protect the sea city, willing to be punished for the real reason, that is, the city is Fang Jianming heart on the people, he in order to protect the city and Fang Jianming, na Hai city for concubine, give another name Mrs. Dendrobizhu.Until the arrival of Lang Huan, for fang Jianming detoxification.Fang Jianming completely broke his oath, he admitted that he loved the city, and vowed to live up to her.Challenges have infinite possibilities, the value of a city is that since we can’t go together, we can meet at the peak.Finally, zhuhai city through their own efforts to sit the title of Mrs. Hu Zhu.Dynasty bureau change, had to become regent empress dowager, assist the little prince.