“Meet the season” set files, eastern Zhejiang broadcast, four stations are lei Jia sound situation

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On February 17, the TV series “Meet The Season” was confirmed to be broadcasted by Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV, and officially premiered on February 23.The series, which stars Lei Jiayin and Yuan Quan and zhang Yixing and Jia Naliang in supporting roles, is a middle-aged love story with a sense of age.The original name of the play “falling flower season”, by the well-known screenwriter a pen, Jane chuan 訸 directed, midday sunshine production.The “three sets” of scriptwriter, director and producer are considered to guarantee the quality of the TV series.Therefore, the expectations of the audience are very high.The synopsis of the play has been released, basically the whole story of a look: water city agricultural machinery factory director Jian Zhi country’s son Jian Hongcheng (Lei Jiayin) in the university of quiet and beautiful Ning yu (Yuan Quan) love, but repeatedly rejected, until after graduation ning yu married, Jian Hongcheng just give up.Jian Zhiguo because of early years and worker Cui Hao quarrel was stabbed, the body is not as good as before, in order to keep the young Jian Hongcheng factory contract right, forced daughter Jian Minmin (Luo Haiqiong) and his apprentice Zhang Lixin (Liang Guanhua) married, temporarily in charge of the factory.Zhang Lixin secretly seized power, in Jane after the death of his father, forced Jian Hongcheng away.Many years later, ning yu betrayed by her husband, decisive divorce.Jian Hongcheng has started from scratch that Zhang Lixin to sell the old factory land to pay debts, can not bear his father’s efforts were wasted, want to keep the land, so and ning yu meet again, finally know ning yu repeatedly refused the reason behind him, she was Cui Hao’s daughter.Jian Hongcheng in accordance with the law one by one to solve the mess left by Zhang Lixin, Ning yu’s brother Ning Shu (Zhang Yixing act the role ofing) but constantly in the way.Jian Hongcheng and ning yu together to prevent both sides of irrational relatives, in the face of many trivial things, two people deeply middle-aged pain, fortunately, they know each other again, but also recognize the life they want.Obviously, the content of state-owned factories needs to be covered at least from the 1980s.As a result, viewers may see a similar texture and even plot content in this TV series.Both dramas feature workers in state-run factories.It is worth noting that “The World” and “Meet The Season” are both starring Lei Jiayin, and the two TV series, on February 23, will be broadcast on two platforms.”Meet the season”, is a joint broadcast of Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV.”Worldly” aspect, it is CCTV one set and Jiang Su TV broadcast.It is worth noting that Jiangsu SATELLITE TV began broadcasting the TV series “The World” on February 23.So that night, and for much of the rest of the night, viewers could see lei jiayin’s drama on all four major networks.This honest and honest actor role is expected to form the audience’s general perception of Chinese men.For lei Jiayin, thanks to the success of The World and Meet Me, she should be able to become a real a-list actress.The TV drama “Meet the season” heroine Yuan Quan, for the play added a lot of sadness.The actress has already won the Golden Lion award, golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award and other awards, acting level, is bound to bring the audience more performance enjoyment.Yuan Quan’s works in recent years are mostly composed and introverted middle-aged female images.This kind of intellectual aesthetic feeling is also the most easily accepted by the audience aesthetically.It can be said that the characters presented by Yuan Quan are all literary and artistic, which can make the audience calm down and seriously understand.When Yuan Quan meets Lei Jiayin, the dramatic effect seems to be comparable to when Yin Tao meets Lei Jiayin in The World.It’s worth noting that the supporting actor in This time of Meeting is Zhang Yixing.Although the young actor has a lot of streaming, even can be called streaming star, but he has participated in a number of relatively good quality TV series, such as “Black Storm” and so on.In his previous TV series, Zhang Yixing’s acting skills have been recognized by many audiences.If Zhang Yixing can do a good job in the reality-oriented “Time to Meet,” he could win some best supporting actor awards.Midday Sunshine is good at producing some period dramas from the perspective of male emotion, especially for the 1980s and later period.The shooting technique of the midday sun is also between literature and art and commerce: on the one hand, it is not too literature and art, so as to avoid dissuading many audiences who do not have the ability to watch literature and art; on the other hand, it is not too commercial, which will cause large-scale distortion of the content of films and TV dramas.Midday sunshine has always found a balance between art and commerce, so to speak.Therefore, the midday sun plays, easy to gain the goodwill of ordinary audiences.(By Ma Qingyun)