Great Wall automobile new brand exposure, code “BC” or car brand

2022-06-18 0 By

Great Wall Motor has been developing well in recent years. While constantly launching new models, it is also launching new brands rapidly. Tanks and salons are all new brands released in the past two years.Recently, a picture of Great Wall Motor’s bidding document was exposed on the Internet, which clearly identified “BC” as the sixth brand. What is the sixth brand?Car sells guess if no accident, should is the long-awaited car brand, after all, last year also preheat enough, and the Great Wall is clearly put forward the plan to build cars, just said before can be attributed to WEY’s, but the development of WEY, belong to the WEY’s probability should be very low.It is even more unlikely to be a salon brand. Judging from the current attitude of Great Wall, it should try its best to separate the relationship between salon and Great Wall automobile, in case the brand impression of Great Wall affects the high-end attributes of salon.Therefore, the “BC” brand is probably a car brand. As for the brand name and positioning of the car, the answer may be found at the Beijing Auto Show.