Devils blow up Beiting Fang’s tomb: finally buried in the water of the turtle cover xixia dialect novel 91

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At that time, Anyang was occupied by The Japanese army. Anyang High School was moved to Xixiakou. The principal zhao Zhichen wrote very well.Liu Xiangbo wrote “Don’t Xiangzhai Mr. Story”, Fu Chunxuan took the manuscript said: “Let Zhao Zhichen change it.”The manuscript arrived zhao Zhichen’s hand, he was surprised in such a place xixiakou, unexpectedly have so capable writing style.He made a few corrections and finalized the draft.On March 16, 1940, three days after the death of Bettingfong, The Incident of Mr. Betxiangzhai was published in large numbers and could be read in all 13 counties of Nanyang.Published in Xixiakou “min Xin weekly”, full text.As a newspaper exchange to many newspapers across the country, to expand their influence.A portrait of Beiting Fang should be hung at four gates of Xixiakou during her memorial service.In the selection of the portrait, several deputy commanders of the headquarters have asked To hang Bieting Fang wearing lieutenant general clothing with two golden beans on the shoulder of the photo.”When he was alive, the most standard clothing he wore was either a silk coat or a silk shirt,” said Beitingfang’s son Beitingjiu and his eldest grandson Beitingling’s second grandson Beitingkun. “It’s better to hang his portrait like this.”As a result, on the four gates of Xixiakou were hung the portrait of Be Tingfang in a small coat made of silk and kudzu. From a distance or a short distance, Be Tingfang looked like a xixiakou peasant.This portrait, however, has become the only photograph of Bettingfang, which remains to this day.Bettingfong’s body lay in state for two months, a long time for mourning.On May 12, Bie Tingfang was buried in yangcheng, his hometown, just like a live turtle on the ridge of the mountain, a new grave was added.Don t Ting Fang pillow east pedal west, facing a bay of running water under the ridge.Around the bay, there is a green lotus, swaying in the wind.In the last decades of Beiting Fang, although cock tickets were issued, he did not use any of them. Instead, they were all silver yuan with yuan Shikai’s head on them.His tomb was also scaled down to yuan shikai’s, but Yuan’s was made of cement and topped with white jade, while Beiting Fang’s was made of earth.In front of the tomb stands a stone tablet inscribed with yu Youren’s six characters: The Tomb of Bie Gong Xiang Zhai.Seen from a distance, Beitingfang’s tomb looks like a turtle camel tablet.In xixiakou Lotus temple in the construction of bettingfang yiguanzhong, the same yu Youren wrote the six characters carved on the stone tablet.The inscription was written by Chen Lenyun, president of Shanghai Baichuan Calligraphic painting and Calligraphy Research Society, which highlights the turtle and water love side of Beiting Fang, as well as the ox and mountain love side of Beiting Fang.Lotus Temple this hill, belong to kunlun mountain system through the Qinling mountains and funiu mountain residual vein of a gathering place, is also a big turtle shaped land.The yiguanzhong in Bettingfang sits in the north and south, along the old Stork River and the direction of the mountains.And in the inscription, the most typical sentence is: Si Di also, the origin of the dragon vein, niu Mian auspicious.No matter the tomb of his hometown in Fangyangcheng, or the tomb of Yiguanzhong in Lotus Temple, he has been turned into a turtle by feng Shui master.Mr. Yin-yang of jiangnan said, “In these two shady houses, old turtles drink water.Don’t tingfang, don’t believe in turtle shape.”A lotus pond was built not far from the burial mound at Bettingfang, where the head of the tomb faces a pond, which was his original intention.When he was alive, Beitingfang often said, “Distant water does not dissolve a near thirst.”This pool in front of the cenotaph was the place where Bettingfang’s thirst was quenched.It is the most important philosophy of life for Bettingfang, and the choice of tomb also reflects bettingfang’s overly realistic concept.Old parting without boiling water ah, turtle like terrain, contains water, is to nourish the other Tingfang soul.On the road leading to bettingfang cenotaph stand three stone archways with elegiac couplets and inscriptions of national government officials.Chiang Kai-shek’s elegigiy couplet is written like this: Our neighbors line array early front flag drum Zhongyuan si, repair road jing broken shaft jin Ge all over the ground lost dry.Lin Sen’s lament reads, “I would like to dedicate my rural development efforts to the world.”Sun Ke, Li Zongren, Feng Yuxiang, Bai Chongxi, Sun Lianzhong for the other Ting Fang title of the words, especially Bai Chongxi the other Ting Fang Anti-Japanese War against the old day called: the Anti-Japanese War founding glory after Yue Wumu.To compare Beiting Fang with Yue Fei might be too big.However, it can be seen that Bai Chongxi, who was not a direct descendant of Chiang Kai-shek, was particularly advocating resistance against the non-direct descendant.Bettingfang’s funeral and tomb cost forty thousand silver dollars.In xixiakou, a small place, the splendor of extravagance and publicity may be unprecedented.March 26, 1945, the attack on the West gap mouth of the Japanese advance general On the ban Yoshitu received the Japanese cavalry regiment commander Kojima Yoshizo phone, to the Japanese aircraft bombing west gap mouth, the first bombing don Ting Fang luxury cenotaph.”Is it worth it to blow up a dead man’s grave?” Uesaka said.”It’s not a matter of gain,” Kojima said. “It’s a matter of revenge.”Uesaka said, “Revenge on a dead man?”Kojima Yoshizo said, “Do you know that at the Battle of The Tang River in Shinano, more than 100 of Bettingphuong’s cannons fired in unison and hit our headquarters at the Tang River?Bettenfong’s sniper team took out over 400 of my cavalry. Did you know that?Do you know that more than 100 captives were tied to a rope by Beiting Fang at the Celebration meeting in Xixiakou, displayed to the public, and had people urinate on their heads?Someone in Xixiakou suggested shooting some old Japanese to relieve their anger. Beiting Fang said very well, so he shot eight captives. Do you know that?””It would be easy to blow up the tomb,” Mr. Uesaka said.When the Japanese bombers bombed xixiakou, they blew up the Cenotaph in Beitingfang Lotus Temple, the stone archways leading to cenotaph, and all the buildings near cenotaph.Nothing remained but a pile of ruins.Liu Xiangbo, who wrote the Story of Bettingfang, decided to leave the headquarters and teach at Baiyu Middle School after Bettingfang’s funeral.He was a secretary in the headquarters, no post, and after liberation he taught in a middle school.Cho, who revised the Story of Beiting Fang, later returned to Anyang With anyang High School and taught all his life.Bie Bingling, the eldest grandson of Bie Tingfang, graduated from Yenching University and became a professor at Tsinghua University after liberation as a student underground Party member.The second grandson, Bie Bingkun, joined the Party before the founding of the People’s Republic of China and worked in the Social department of the North China Bureau after liberation.The tomb of Bettingfang still stands on the turtle-shaped hill at the Cocoon Farm in Yangcheng.Exactly: the green hills are still there, a few degrees of sunset red;How many things in the past and present, all pay jokes.Beiting Fang died eighty-two years, still in the jokes of the people in Xixiakou.Many people died, and so did the joke.That’s what people are like.