360,800 still have big discount!Experience Lincoln Continent: Pure import + Super business, eat 92 “roughage”

2022-06-18 0 By

Said to Lincoln cars, now most of the friends actually buy is joint venture car, also is the domestic models, we say but the truth in Lincoln, still have three imported cars, although our sales volume for the three model in general, but personally I think a good price, today we’re going to talk about its Lincoln continental.As a medium and large business car, Lincoln Continental has a manufacturer’s guide price of 360,800 to 485,800 yuan. Compared with first-line luxury cars like BMW 5 Series, Lincoln Continental has an obvious price advantage. Moreover, it is an imported model, and has a good discount in the terminal market.In terms of appearance design, the overall design of this model is mainly luxurious and delicate, which seems to be more commercial. The headlights adopt the matrix style design, and form the collocation of eagle eye style. It is also equipped with the starlight grille, which is the same as Mercedes, with good metal texture.From the side, the Continental has a slim design concept and a business-friendly feel with multiple wheels and private Windows.For body data, the Lincoln continental measures 5115/1912/1492mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2994mm.The minimum size of the hub is R18, so overall the sides look very nice.In the rear, you can see that the Continental is the real deal. Not only is it wide and statistically superior, but its dual chromified exhaust pipes are more impressive than the audi A6L’s decorative design.Look at the interior design, Lincoln continental interior design actually gives us a feeling of s, the car used the palm red solid wood design, ten years ago, this really is more popular, look very luxurious, but in today’s consumer upgrades, owners are mostly young, this design is obviously couldn’t keep up with times,Moreover, the car’s computer screen is designed with a relatively retro eight-inch built-in large screen, which obviously does not cater to enough young consumers.The center screen is a full-lcd, 12.3-inch color screen, which is standard, as well as a leather, multi-purpose steering wheel with paddles and steering wheel heating and memory functions.In a word, the configuration of the interior is actually higher, but the visual sense is not particularly excellent.Leather seats are standard on all but the entry-level models, which I think is more sincere than the BBA, and heating, ventilation and massage features are also present on the Continental.Power system: Lincoln Continental is equipped with a 2.0t turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 241 horsepower and a peak torque of 386N·m. It is obviously a high-power engine, and such a design is standard for the whole system. What is more interesting is that this model only needs gasoline of No. 92, and it is not picky about oil requirements.This also means that the travel radius will be greatly increased and more durable.As for the gearbox, it is a bit of a drag, using a six-gear hand gearbox.Chassis design, I personally feel it is really like a second-tier luxury brand:Front macpherson independent suspension, after the multi-link independent suspension, a car actually is “a good price considering and or an imported cars, but the Lincoln continental also has a problem, is the brand awareness is not so sweet, but also in the main domestic models, Lincoln cars for the imported car is not particularly bothered.