Zhengxiang district experimental primary school to carry out “the most beautiful book corner” evaluation activities

2022-06-17 0 By

Huasheng online news on April 9 (correspondent Zhu Hailin Hu Miaomiao) April day in the world, it is reading.Reading can enrich students’ knowledge, broaden their horizons, active thinking and edify their sentiment.In order to improve the construction of class book corner, continue to build a “bookish campus”, create a characteristic campus cultural atmosphere and class reading atmosphere, so that every student can get close to books at any time, develop a good habit of loving books and reading widely.April 8, Hengyang City zhengxiang district experimental primary school carried out the “book embellished heart, reading to promote long” of the “most beautiful book corner” evaluation activities.It is understood that the activity mainly from the number of books, book quality, display design, book management, the overall atmosphere, book corner interpretation and other aspects of evaluation.The head teachers organized the book corner carefully, and the students participated in it with enthusiasm. They designed and created the book corner with their own characteristics.Class book corner neat and clean, no sundries accumulation;The layout is beautiful and generous, and the books are arranged orderly;Books are rich in content and quantity;Borrowing records, reading notes, arrange “full-time librarian” responsible for management.To the United States corner, features myriad.Into a classroom, as into a colorful knowledge of the small garden, can be seen everywhere the spark of wisdom.The sufficient books of each class, rich kinds of books, scientific management, neat bookcases, beautiful and childlike decoration and so on let the judges praise repeatedly.This book corner competition enriches the reading culture construction of each class, creates a good reading atmosphere for the children, and lets the children enjoy a good reading time.The school takes this evaluation as an opportunity to cultivate students’ good habit of keeping up with books, so that children’s childhood is immersed in the fragrance of books.