Zhejiang carried out special action of village planning

2022-06-17 0 By

Report from our correspondent (special correspondent Li Feng) On March 28, zhejiang Provincial Department of Natural resources decided to carry out village planning in the whole province “one evaluation two coverage three promotion” special action.According to the action plan, the evaluation of existing village plans will be completed by the end of June this year.In the first half of next year, we will complete the compilation of township – and township-level master territorial space plans.By 2024, digital space governance will cover all rural areas, effectively improving the capacity and level of spatial governance in rural areas.”One evaluation, two coverage and three improvement” means to carry out comprehensive evaluation of rural area planning, promote the full coverage of rural area planning and rural digital space governance, and systematically improve the practicality of village planning, rural landscape and rural space governance.Zhejiang hall requirements, classified stages to promote planning full coverage.All localities should scientifically evaluate the existing spatial plans such as village layout (layout) and village renovation (renovation), find out the relationship of spatial resources, assets and property rights, and determine the location of villages according to five village types: cluster construction, renovation and upgrading, integration of urban and suburban areas, protection of characteristics, and relocation and withdrawal.Zhejiang hall emphasizes, promote the practicality of village planning.We need to promote practical village planning that integrates multiple plans into one, and ensure that rural households have access to housing, public services, infrastructure, and the integration of the three industries.Scientific research on the development trend of different types of villages, rational arrangement of construction land scale;We will promote organic renewal of rural areas, encourage the upgrading and multiple use of existing land for construction purposes, and actively revitalize existing land for construction purposes in rural areas.In order to improve the landscape style of rural areas, Zhejiang Hall stressed that it is necessary to perfect the mechanism of “village planning + rural design + rural housing design”, not to engage in large-scale demolition and construction, and retain rural characteristics.We will optimize agricultural production space, make systematic plans for the “thousand mu square, thousand mu square” project, and guide the layout of characteristic agricultural blocks.The historical and cultural resources of rural areas are sorted out, the charming and livable rural space is shaped, the landscape service function of ecological resources is improved, and the organic integration of landscape, pastoral, woodland and village is realized.At the same time, Zhejiang Department requires that we speed up the formulation of village planning database standards, and accurately refine farmland holding and permanent basic farmland to map patches to ensure the consistency of map, number and field.We will continue to put village planning data into the database, develop digital scenarios for rural spatial governance, and improve the dynamic maintenance mechanism and implementation supervision and evaluation mechanism for village planning.