“The Spring Festival I am in post,” reunion of the family lights shou earth responsible to protect peace

2022-06-17 0 By

February 1st, lunar New Year.In this reunion day, the northernmost immigration police is still silently dedicated to work, to protect the peace of the party.In the vast black Dragon River, they braved the cold wind and frost to check the border line between China and Russia, in order to protect the national boundary and safeguard the peace of the border area.In the busy community streets, they can stand loneliness, keep busy, always pay attention to the trend of security, for the people’s peace, the people celebrate the festival.In the front line of the security card point, they day and night, duty station, strictly check all passing vehicles, in order to block the risk input, maintain the stability of the area.In the silence of the isolation of duty, they bear loneliness, in a foreign land, alone eating the New Year’s Eve dinner sent by his comrades, for the spread of the epidemic, thousands of reunion and well-being.Working silently in a foreign land, the police in charge of immigration management in the northernmost border areas are fulfilling the general requirement of “loyalty to the Party, service to the people, fair law enforcement and strict discipline” with practical actions, and writing another paeans of loyalty in the border areas of the motherland.