Shuangfeng County to improve the county medical community service level

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Loudi News – (Feng Bingtian, correspondent wu Haiqing, Zuo Shuaineng) “After moving into the new hospital last year, a total of 90 acute myocardial infarction rescue operations have been carried out.This was a case that had to be transferred to a higher level hospital before the relocation.Recently, Shuangfeng County people’s Hospital blood canal director Kuang Kunlun told reporters that through the introduction of equipment and early talent reserve, acute heart obstruction patients in the county, do not have to rush to the municipal hospital, the treatment time can be at least 30 minutes in advance, the success rate of treatment greatly improved.In the past year, Shuangfeng County has built and relocated the county people’s Hospital and the county maternal and child Health care hospital, and established a medical community to protect people’s lives and health, so that people with minor diseases do not leave the town or the county for serious diseases, effectively alleviating the problem of “difficult and expensive medical treatment”, and protecting people’s life and health.In late July 2021, shuangfeng County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital opened its new site.The new hospital has expanded 27 times in the original floor area and 10 times in the business area, with more than 40 new beds and 10 functional departments. The department of gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics and B-ultrasound imaging has developed a number of new technologies and new businesses.On September 30, 2021, Shuangfeng County People’s Hospital completed the overall relocation.The new hospital covers an area of 100.6 mu, with 990 beds and a capacity of more than 500 parking vehicles. It also has 6 departments, including cardiovascular interventional department, geriatric rehabilitation Department and intensive care Department.The improvement of community-level conditions means that people’s health is more guaranteed.At the same time, the county with the county people’s hospital as the leader, township health centers as the link, continue to promote the county medical consortium, through peer assistance, academic lectures, technical cooperation, the opening of referral green channel, and other ways, gradually formed a grass-roots first diagnosis, two-way referral, emergency and slow treatment, up and down linkage medical mode;Township hospitals provide diagnosis and treatment for patients with common and stable chronic diseases, and county-level public hospitals provide diagnosis and treatment for difficult and complex critical diseases.Relying on hospital management and electronic medical record system, the hospital integrates medical information resources, establishes health collaborative service system in hospital communities, and realizes information interconnection and resource and technology sharing.At present, all the 16 township (sub-district) health centers in Shuangfeng have joined the county medical community, and 30% of the patients referred by county hospitals to the grass-roots level, and 90% of the patients visited in the county, gradually realizing that “minor illness at the grass-roots level, serious illness in the hospital, recovery back to the township”.People’s satisfaction with the project has improved significantly.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: