Legend of the Warring States: The Qin dynasty destroyed six states unified the world, even more tyrannical and died in the second world

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Wang Ben crossed the Yalu River, encircled the city of Pyongyang to break it, rupp Yan King Xi sent to Xianyang, abandoned for the common people.According to duke Zizhao of Yan, from the 9th emperor to Huihou, King Li of Zhou ran to Zhi and sent him to Duke Zhuang. Duke Huan of Qi attacked Shanrong and opened 500 li of land for Yan, making Yan strong.Su Qin said that with the manipulation of “vertical cooperation”, his son King Yi became king of the seven states.King Yi chuan kuai, qi destroyed.Kuai Zi, King Zhao restored his country, and his work was carried to Xi, but the country died.Wang Ben destroyed Yan, then moved to the west to attack Dai.Dai Wang Jia was defeated and wanted to go to xiongnu.Wang Ben to catch the cat and prisoners of the zhuang, on behalf of Wang Jia suicide.Qin do cloud, wild goose gate land.This qin Dynasty reign 25 years (222 BC).According to Zhao zizao father shi Zhou, the world for doctor Zhou.Zhou You king no way, uncle belt ran Jin, jin Wenhou, zhao was founded.The fifth to Zhao Su, offering public.Then to Zhao Shuai, wen Gong.Zhao Shuaizi Zhao Dun xiang, Cheng, Jing three duke.Jin Zhu Ba, Zhao shi ba Zuo.Zhao Dun, Zhao Shuo, zhao Shuo, Zhao Wu, Fu Li.Second to Zhao Jian son Zhao Yang, Yang xiang son Wu, and Han Wei three points jin.Wu Xun passed on his nephew Huan Zi huan, huan Zi ji, first named Hou, posthumous.Six spread to king Wuling and wearing Hu fu, and four spread to Zhao Wang Qian was taken.Childe Jia in the generation of self-reliance as the king, shou Zhao qi.Six years after the reign of King Jia, the kingdom was destroyed.Since then, five of the six states had perished, but Qi remained.Wang Ben jie book to Xianyang, The King of Qin exulted, give Wang Ben calligraphy, slightly said: general a flat Yan and generation, Benz more than two thousand li, compared with your father’s hard work, comparable.Although from Yan and qi, the way back north and south also.For example, if a man lacks an arm, he is willing to seize it with his remaining power like thunder and lightning.General father and son, outstanding achievements in the Qin dynasty!Wang Ben deshu, then led troops to Yanshan, toward hejian (now Hejian, Hebei) all the way south.It is said that King Jian of The State of Qi did not rescue the states of Han and Wei, but sent envoys to the state of Qin to congratulate him every time he destroyed a state.The State of Qin returned with an emissary of gold and gold, stating that the king of Qin was treating each other very kindly. The king of Qi thought that peace could be relied on and did not prepare for war.Upon hearing the destruction of the five states, the king of Qi did not feel at ease in the palace. However, he conferred with his prime minister, hou Sheng, and sent troops to guard the western border to prevent qin troops from attacking.But do not beware of Wang Ben bing Wuqiao, straight to Ji ‘nan.For forty-four years after Wang Jian ascended the throne, Qi was not subject to military revolution. His subordinates were content with nothing and never practiced martial arts.Besides, the qin army is violent and legendary. Today, hundreds of thousands of people are pressing down like Mount Tai. How can they be afraid and who dare to oppose him?Wang Ben by the calendar under Zichuan, directly into linzi, the long drive straight into the territory of no one.Linzi city, the people ran in disorder, the gate was not guarded.The prime minister of The state of Qi had no choice but to persuade the king of Qi to surrender.Wang Ben bloodless, between two months, do shandong land.Hearing the good news, the king of The State of Qin issued an order saying: “After Wang Jianwang has defeated the envoys of the State of Qin, he intends to cause chaos. Now thanks to his soldiers, the state of Qi will be destroyed.This should all slaughter, read qi Wang jian more than 40 years of deference, avoid its death, can move with his wife in the city (today’s Henan Huixian), have a day to dou su, bi remaining.After the victory this place behead.”Wang Ben was ordered to punish hou Sheng, and sent officials to the king of Qi to build, to settle the capital.Only a few huts, at the foot of Taihang Mountain, surrounded by pine and cypress, no one lived.Although the palace relatives are separated, there are still dozens of mouths, only dou su is not enough, and from time to time to the secretary.King Jianzhi of The State of Qi had a young son who was hungry in the middle of the night. Wang Jian of the State of Qi sat up sadly and heard the sound of pines and cypresses blowing in the wind.Now after mistakenly believing the treacherous minister to win, as for the subjugned country, hunger and poverty mountain, what and regret!He sobbed and died within a few days.The palace fled, and her son died.It is said that Wang Jian of the state of Qi died of starvation. When the people of Qi heard this, they mourned for him, because the song said: Song Ye Bai ye?Hunger is no meal.Who built it?The bandit end of jie ren!Later generations passed this as “song of pine and cypress”, are attributed to the victory after the mistake of the country.According to the ancestor of Tian Qi, Chen Ding was the son of Chen Ligong Tuo. In the fifteenth year of King Zhou Zhuang, he took refuge in Qi and became an official of Qi.The message was sent to Tian Huan zi Wuyu, and then to Xi Zi Qi, who won the hearts of the people with his kindness, and Tian Riqiang.When huan, a beggar, killed the king of Qi, he was reported to Taigong he, and usurped the throne of Qi.And three to the king of Wei and yi Qiang, called the king.It was also sent to the king of Qi to build the state and the state died.Qin Dynasty reign twenty-six years (221 BC) also.When the six states learned and in Qin, the world unified.The king of Qin called himself king by six states, but his name was not respected.In order to change the title of emperor, there was also a discussion of two emperors in the east and the west, which was not enough to be passed on in the future.Therefore, the name of ancient Jun was adopted. Only three emperors and five emperors had merits above the three Kings. Only Qin De was the three emperors and the five emperors had merits, so he was called “Emperor”.He honored his father king Zhuang Xiang as the supreme Emperor.Also thought zhou gong for posthumous law, son can discuss the father, minister can discuss jun, for improper;In the future, the abolition of posthumous law need not: “I am the first emperor, later generations to count it, two, three, so that thousands of endless.”The Emperor proclaimed himself “I”;Subordinates play things called “your Majesty”.Zhao Lianggong Cut and shi bi for the seal, its text said, ‘ordered by the day, both shou Yongchang’.He also pushed the legend of the five virtues from the beginning to the end, thinking that Zhou was the fire de, and only water could put out the fire. Qin should carry water de, and his clothes and flags were still black.The number of water is six, so the size of the utensils is all six.In October for the new month, congratulations are on.”Zheng”, “politics” sound the same, the emperor taboo not to make, change the “zheng” word sound.Zheng, not auspicious things also, but from the beginning of the emperor’s meaning, people dare not say.Wei Liao saw the first emperor full of energy, continuous more, privately sighed: “Qin is the world, but decline!How can it last forever?”With disciple Wang Ao one night to escape, do not know where to go.The first emperor asked his ministers: “Yutou abandoned me, what also?”The ministers all said, “Your Majesty Weiliaozuo fixed the four seas, the greatest achievement, but also hope to split the soil, such as the Duke of Zhou Tai Duke.Now that your majesty’s title has been decided, it is no good to speak of merit, for he is frustrated.”The first emperor said, “Is it possible to divide the zhou chamber into MAO?”All the court officials said, “Yan, Qi, Chu and Dai are so far away that they cannot defend their states without their king.”Li Si wrote: “There are hundreds of states conferred by Zhou, many of whom share the same surname.Now your Majesty is in a sea, all of them are prefectures and counties. Although you have meritorious servants and rich salaries, you have no ruler and no soil, but you are good at eliminating the source of military revolution. Isn’t it the art of long peace and long governance?”The first emperor decided to divide the country into thirty-six counties.The thirty-six counties:Civil county, hanzhong city, county, north county, west gansu county, the county, taiyuan county, county, hedong county, county to take, the cloud, the wild goose gate county, county, three county, sichuan province, handan county, YingChuan county, qi county, nanyang county (i.e. 琊 county), Xue Jun) (i.e., surabaya county county, east county, western liaoning, liaodong county, GuJun, yu Yang county, the county major deer, right beiping county, jiujiang county, will take the county, Zhang county, fujian county, the south China seaCounty, like county, Guilin county, ba county, Shu county, Guizhou county, south county, Changsha county.When the north hu, so Yuyang, shanggu and other counties, jurisdiction at least, garrison garrison.Southern water jing, so Jiujiang, Kuaiji county, jurisdiction over the most.All out of lis scheduling.Each county has one guard and one imperial guard.Gathered all the armour and sold it in Xianyang, casting twelve gold figures, each weighing thousands of stones, and placed them in the palace to answer the rui of “Lintao Long Man”.Move the world rich in Xianyang, a total of 200,000 households.In the north of Xianyang, in imitation of the six palaces, built six from the official.It was also the palace of Ahfang.Jin Li si was the prime minister and Zhao Gao was the order of Lang Zhong.All the generals of merit, such as Wang Ben, Meng Wu, etc., each seal ten thousand households, others or thousands of households, are allowed to their income of the tax officer for it.Therefore, they burned books and buried scholars, traveled unrestrained, and built the “Great Wall” to keep hu away.And the second, even more tyrannical, and Chen Sheng, Wu Guang’s disciples, mass and died.(The end of this article)