Finish the national football team debut Gao Tianyi: round of 12 final battle to win

2022-06-17 0 By

Muscat, March 27 (Xinhua)Midfielder Gao Tianyi, 24, made his national team debut as a substitute in China’s 1-1 draw with Saudi Arabia on Sunday.”It is a great honor to represent his country and I hope the team can win against Oman in the round of 12 final,” he said in an interview on Sunday.”First of all I want to thank the manager for believing in me and playing me at crucial moments in the game.It is a privilege to represent your country.”Gao tianyi said the pace of the final 12 matches was very fast and the intensity was completely different from other matches.On The 29th, China will face this World Cup qualifier Asian zone round 12 final match, away match with Oman.Gao Tianyi said that after the last game players are physically tired, nearly two days of training mainly to recover.”We also did tactical analysis against Oman at the hotel.Oman’s attack from corner kicks and set pieces is quite characteristic, and they will also focus on defensive drills these two days.”Gao tianyi said head coach Li Xiaopeng told the players to enjoy and cherish the final opportunity to compete.”It’s definitely not going to be an easy game and we have to keep playing where we did last time.Hopefully I can get a win and come back home with it.”The two sides drew 1-1 in Sharjah in the first leg last November.Oman are currently ranked fourth in the group with 11 points and China fifth in the group with six points, both of which are out of the Qatar World Cup.Source: Xinhua