Calm calm, 100 blessing from the collection

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To be calm is not to abandon the vigor, spirit and ambition, but to have a sense of responsibility before major events and to be mindful when facing adversity.This is the breakthrough of self, the quality of a wise man, but also a grand pattern.Calm, loyal to the heart, life is full.In the Tao Te Ching (Tao Te Ching), it is written that “great things under heaven must be done in detail”.Only those who do small things to the extreme have the potential to do great things.Da Vinci’s teacher had been making him practice drawing eggs. Puzzled, Da Vinci asked why.The teacher said, “Eggs are common, but no one is the same. Even the same egg can be drawn in different shapes from different angles.Drawing eggs can not only improve your basic skills, but also hone your patience.Later on, I will draw other things, and I will be more comfortable with them.”Da Vinci woke up and settled down to practice drawing eggs meticulously.After long training, Da Vinci eventually became a world-famous painter.Visible, can withstand loneliness, resist temptation, sink to heart, step by step solid development, the achievement of their dreams.Diligent in action, not afraid of hard work, willing to experience, is the only way to grow.Most of the time, we are in a rush to achieve the goal, but ignore the beautiful scenery along the way.Only by staying calm and doing ordinary and simple things well can we make ourselves outstanding and unique.In the face of crisis not disorderly thick accumulation of things urgent change, slow is round.A man’s life is full of changes.Most of the time, the more busy, the more calm, otherwise it will only make mistakes in the busy, the more busy the more chaotic.The book of war has a book: “Static not dew machine, yunlei tun also.”Successful people should be calm and calm in the face of crisis, rather than spreading themselves and showing their edge.These people tend to be level-headed and clear-headed, good at seizing opportunities and seeing the big picture.Sima Yi was a wily man who spent most of his life disguising himself.Finally, he saw the right opportunity and successfully launched a coup d ‘etat in Gaopingling, controlling the power of Cao Wei and becoming the biggest winner in The Three Kingdoms period.Many times, the so-called urgent difficult is not helpless, may wish to make you panic one by one list, perhaps you will find that every urgent problem has a solution.Calm, not weak destruction, but in the lack of strength, effectively protect themselves, ten years of sharpening a sword, and finally become outstanding people.There is a good saying: “impetuous people, accomplish nothing;If you are calm and calm, all your blessings will come together.”Indeed, the more impetuous people are, the more likely they are to lose their rational judgment of things and miss success.Su Shi wrote in his treatise on Marquis Liu: “There are brave men in the world who will not be surprised when their death comes, and will not be angry when they impose it without reason.”One of the signs of maturity is to not show your emotions, even if the inner waves, the surface is still calm.Is the so-called: “Qi set heart, heart set things round”.So, how to achieve “qi fixed”?Whatever you do, you should keep your emotions active, stable, and controllable. This requires enthusiasm.The more enthusiastic a person is, the stronger their heart will be, the more fun they will have, and the more positive their mood will be.Getting into a crush on your opponent and helping out when you can’t expect it will make them feel better.Your opponents will remember your forgiveness and thank you when you need it, eliminating any feelings that arise from conflict.Face up to emotional differences People need each other, lies in the difference between each other, including emotional differences.When people have differences due to differences, they should be tolerant of the differences of others, in order to dispel misunderstandings in the heart and help control emotions.Control emotions, have a stable state of mind, cultivate a calm temperament, in order to face the life of grounding with enough confidence, to reach the “not afraid of floating clouds cover the eye” “every major event has static gas” spiritual realm.