The captain of the women’s soccer team wins $1 million!Thank You for not mentioning Jia Xiuquan, the gap at a glance

2022-06-16 0 By

On February 10, Beijing time, China’s national football team is currently in a salary cut crisis, where the wages of the 32 national players in the men’s football team are likely to continue to decline, the maximum salary may only be reduced to 3 million before tax.At the same time, there was another great news for the women’s football team. Wang Shanshan, the captain of the women’s football team, received a huge bonus once again. The bonus was announced by the Luoyang Municipal government and the Henan Sports Bureau at the same time, and the two sides directly awarded Wang Shanshan 1 million YUAN.And the follow-up Wang Shanshan in an interview also thanked Shui Qingxia, but did not mention a word jia Xiuquan.At present the latest news has come, according to henan multiple media confirmed that Wang Shanshan won a bonus of 1 million, because Wang Shanshan did not go to the scene to receive the award, so the bonus is received by her family, which means that Wang Shanshan earned a lot this time.At the same time, wang Shanshan was worthy of the MVP as the captain of the team on the way to winning the Asian championship. She not only received the MVP of the Asian Cup after the game, but also scored the goal related to the game in the semifinals and finals.Against Japan, the last two minutes, vian door with a volley, a score draw 2-2 ping, help the two sides into the penalty shoot-out, penalties were vian withstood the huge pressure, today finally winning free throws, help every eliminated in Japan, the Chinese women’s team in the process of the final against South Korea,In the 93rd minute of the game, It was Wang Shanshan who set up xiao yuyi’s shot with a deadly straight plug.She has scored five goals throughout the Asian Cup and has played an undoubted role.Not to mention Wang Shanshan in the game also appeared many times in the position of the center back to carry the beam.But no matter how shui Qingxia guidance arrangement, give her what kind of work, what kind of responsibility, she will be able to carry up, is undoubtedly the MVP.So now the $1 million prize for vian is worthy of, and subsequent vian at the time of interview, also named thank ShuiQingXia, that the tournament is for Chinese women’s football in the last race, and vian this is for the Chinese women’s soccer team won the last 16 years since the first top series,In the interview, She directly mentioned that her most memorable moment in the Asian Cup was her equal-footed penalty win against Japan.The bigger point is that Wang mentioned Shui qingxia, because the team has changed dramatically since her arrival: “The changes she brought to us are obvious to all.”Wang Shanshan specially compared how the Chinese women’s football team collapsed and collapsed in the Olympic Games last year, and then how the current team rose directly. The team led by Shui Qingxia only took 4 months to restructure and achieved such results in just over a month. Wang Shanshan wanted to tell everyone one thing:”Thanks to Shui Qingxia, you can always trust The Chinese women’s football team, you can always trust Shui Qingxia!”Wang Shanshan and Wang Shuang were the main players of the Chinese women’s football team at the Tokyo Olympics last year. At that time, she and Wang Shuang formed wang Jia’s team, which was the only one of the core players jia Xiuquan brought to the Olympics. Of course, they did not change the game, and the women’s football team still lost by 17 goals.But this time she did not mention Jia Xiuquan, but full praise of Shuiqingxia, thanks to ShuiQingxia, Wang Shanshan in this team should be said to be back to the peak.Now the prize money for the men’s football team can only envy envy, after all, the national football team only got 6 million yuan in the final 12 matches, Wang Shanshan has won 1 million yuan in a game, including all aspects of the prize money after the match, she may earn more than 2 million yuan in this game.