Learning Times special features qian ‘an!Use digital rural development to energize rural revitalization!

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▼ ▼ ▼ on February 18, the learning times special special edition published qianan region party secretary Ben wang signed article “qian ‘an, hebei province, according to the construction of digital rural activate the rural revitalization of the kinetic energy of qian ‘an, hebei province, according to the construction of digital rural activate the rural revitalization of the kinetic energy of Ben wang digital village is not only the important sector of the digital economy, and promote rural revitalization of important gripper.The city of Qian ‘an, Hebei Province, takes digital rural construction as its lead, gives full play to the role of digital empowerment, expands digital application scenarios, and fully activates the driving force of rural revitalization.Seize new opportunities to the construction of digital rural digital village is along with the networking, informatization and digitization in agriculture and rural areas, the application of economic and social development, and with the increase of farmers’ modern information skills of endogenous development and agricultural modernization transformation process, not only can accelerate the rural modernization step, also can promote the development of rural industry pattern, pattern and the way of governance profound changes.Understanding and grasping the essence and connotation of digital countryside is of special significance to Qian ‘an.We will improve overall agricultural returns.Agricultural prosperity is the foundation of prosperity.Qian ‘an is a typical mid-level mountain area with a total area of 1,208 square kilometers and a total population of 778,000. The per capita arable land is 0.6 mu, about 0.8 mu lower than the national average.How to “intensive cultivation” in the limited arable land, the development of higher quality, more efficient modern agriculture, digitalization is the main direction of attack.On the one hand, through intelligent transformation and information construction, it can break the traditional mode of seeing the weather and extensive management, and improve the added value of agricultural products.On the other hand, through the development of rural e-commerce, it can promote the in-depth connection between the production end and the demand end, and realize the transformation of agricultural products from “selling at the door” to “selling across the region, the country, the world”.Build a beautiful rural pattern.There are 534 administrative villages in Qian ‘an, including mountainous villages, plain villages, suburban villages, villages in the city, villages with reserved characteristics, and villages involving enterprises and occupying land.How to adapt measures to local conditions, categorize policies, clarify different development directions and work priorities, so that the rural “beauty of its own”, digitalization is an important basis.Through satellite remote sensing, UNMANNED aerial vehicles, big data, cloud computing and other digital means, it can provide simulation and deduction for rural land use, basic supporting facilities, industrial layout, node construction, etc., and provide scientific and technological support for optimizing the overall style and realizing refinement on the point, refinement on the line, and excellence on the surface.We will improve the community-level governance system.As a resource-based city of iron and steel, Qian ‘an is in a critical period of transformation and development. Grassroots work is facing a series of new situations, new tasks and new challenges. The traditional governance model of “loudspeaker”, “bulletin board” and “iron footplate” has become difficult to adapt to.Digitization is an important support for strengthening and innovating community-level social governance in the new era.By introducing digital technology, rural governance can not only be visualized, accurate and rapid, but also fully guarantee the masses’ rights to know, participate and supervise, and improve the initiative and enthusiasm to participate in grassroots governance.In recent years, great efforts have been made to promote the construction of “digital Qian ‘an”, forming a relatively complete digital system, that is, to build a digital brain, open operation of the three service entrances of unified decision-making, people’s livelihood convergence and unified services, and government affairs coordination and unified office.Focusing on the coordination of digital government, digital governance, digital society, and digital economy, the company has expanded N applications such as smart city management, smart education, and smart emergency response. It has been listed in the first batch of smart city pilot programs in China and new smart city pilot programs in Hebei Province.In particular, in rural areas, hebei province has taken the lead in implementing the 20-word general requirements of the rural revitalization strategy, breaking down “information islands” and eliminating “data smokestacks”, and taking the lead in running a digital, intelligent and integrated big data platform for rural revitalization.The platform sets up five major sectors, namely, industrial prosperity, ecological livable, local culture and civilization, effective governance, and rich life. Different sectors integrate different data and information resources, which are integrated and connected organically, and plug in “wings” for the construction of digital countryside.Adhere to the digital enabling industry prosperity.With the wide application of next-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and block chain, China is stepping into the era of smart agriculture.Through the big data platform, Qian ‘an comprehensively combs macro data such as livestock and poultry breeding, characteristic crops and facility agriculture, accurately measures micro data such as soil acidity and alkalinity, electrical conductivity and nutrient content, and lets the data speak for themselves, which not only increases the output of agricultural products, but also improves the quality of agricultural products.One of the city’s traditional strawberry growers used to operate on a bare minimum, mostly by rule of thumb.Through accurate analysis of soil characteristics, the enterprise has successfully introduced high-end varieties such as milk strawberry and Jingtao strawberry from scientific research institutes. The products are sold well in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang and other large and medium-sized cities, and won the gold medal of China Strawberry Culture Tourism Festival and China high-quality Strawberry Challenge Competition.We will continue to make ecological livable through digitization.The improvement of rural living environment is an important battle to implement the rural revitalization strategy, involving greening, hardening, beautification, lighting, purification and other work.Because each village foundation is different, condition is different, need to separate out the weight urgent, plan the order of priority.Since 2020, Qian ‘an has invested 638 million yuan in the promotion of rural “five modernizations”, covering 21 towns and streets of the city. How to arrange funds and organize projects is a reality test.”Wisdom of homeland” imported by big data platform system, 534 administrative villages in the city village afforestation, road hardening rate, rate of street lamp lighting “screen”, such as project schedule, the remaining tasks “mastery” one screen at a time, can not only improve the work of pertinence, and improve the effectiveness of supervision, rural living environment changed dramatically.Adhere to digitalization to lead the local culture.Rural culture is the core and soul of rural revitalization.Qian ‘an guided by the “digital urban management” mode, set up in the big data platform “take pictures” module, the crowd found heaps place, throwing down the problems such as disorderly, can upload pictures, mobile phone platform monitoring center accepts the closed-loop tracking after processing, in the process of solving the problem consciousness, enhances the mass civilization form demonstration led.Up to now, 14 “Good People in China”, 23 “Good people in Hebei” and 4 “Moral Models in Hebei Province” have emerged successively, accounting for 70% of civilized villages and towns above the county level.We will continue to promote effective governance through digitization.Rural governance is an important part of modernizing China’s governance system and capacity, and an important guarantee for rural revitalization.In rural areas, conflicts between the party, the cadres and the masses caused by irregular power operation, untimely publicity of village affairs and opaque democratic decision-making are a perennial problem.On the basis of implementing the “small and micro power list” system for villager affairs, Qian ‘an city, relying on the big data platform, collects and publicizes the party affairs, village affairs and financial situation of each village, ensuring the standardized operation of power.With Wanbaogou Village as the pilot, the masses through mobile phone APP, cable TV and other forms, from small to office supplies expenditure, to barren mountain contracting, low-income household application, project bidding, anytime and anywhere can be viewed and supervised, has been rated as the national rural governance model village, the national advanced grassroots Party organization.We will continue to enrich our lives through digitization.A prosperous life for rural residents is fundamental to rural revitalization.Around to promote common prosperity, qian ‘an in hebei province set up a “supporting the country revitalization of the industry to promote the common prosperity” the chest, through the big data platform combing out the village collective assets, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural prices, such as changes in market supply and demand information, science to determine key support area and support measures, vigorously develop the rural tourism, deep processing of agricultural products, such as industry,We will encourage farmers to increase their incomes and get rich.At the same time, through the big data platform, the “sleeping resources” such as barren hills, barren ditches and idle farm houses are comprehensively sorted out, actively promoting “resources into assets, capital into shareholders, farmers into shareholders”, and stimulating the endogenous power in rural areas.As a new thing, digital rural construction is still in the stage of exploration and groping. After summarizing the practice of Qian ‘an, we have the following experiences.Strengthening the top-level design is a guarantee.Digital rural construction is a multi-faceted and systematic project, covering industrial development, town and village construction, social governance, cultural construction and other aspects. It needs to strengthen top-level design from top to bottom and promote systematic research.Qian ‘an city insists on considering the digital rural construction in the “14th Five-Year plan” and planning it in the background of the “Digital Qian ‘an” construction. It establishes a big data platform at the municipal level and connects the top and bottom of the “five revitalization” to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of all work.Infrastructure construction is a prerequisite.Insufficient investment in rural development and weak infrastructure are common problems. In building a digital countryside and promoting all-round revitalization, the primary goal is to strengthen weak links in infrastructure development. We should not only promote the development of traditional hardware facilities such as roads, but more importantly, speed up the deployment of new infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in rural areas to narrow the “digital divide” between urban and rural areas.Qian ‘an city will take “new infrastructure” as the pilot project of digital village construction, and accelerate the overall consideration and promotion of digital city construction. It is expected that by 2023, 5G network will cover all areas above township level and key administrative villages.Breaking down departmental barriers is key.In recent years, in order to strengthen and improve rural governance, agricultural and rural departments, public security departments, emergency response departments and capital management departments have independently set up special platforms at the grassroots level, playing an important role in ensuring and promoting rural governance.At the same time, due to incompatible ports, inconsistent standards and other reasons, data information “independent” and “internal operation”, did not play a superimposed amplification effect.Qian ‘an city has collected and sorted out data resources such as rural “Snow Bright Project”, forest fire prevention monitoring platform and toilet long-term management and protection platform, all integrated on the big data platform, which is interconnected and shared with each other, so that data can run, use and live, and the governance efficiency has been improved.Founded in September 1999, Study Times is sponsored by the Party School of the CPC Central Committee. It faces the whole country and serves the whole Party. It mainly targets party cadres and intellectuals at all levels.- END – source | published in qianan region above the learning times images copyright owned by the author