Jinshan scenic spots are temporarily closed, waiting for “restart”

2022-06-16 0 By

Although jinshan area is still closed, but we can still through mobile phone “cloud viewing”, let’s have a look!Yesterday noon, located in the Town of Zhujing Flowers sea visitors reception center, the staff are on the public facilities to eliminate.Although the scenic area is closed, no tourists in and out, but the scenic area is still maintaining the original eradication work.In the ecological park, tulips surrounded the lawn, flowers of all colors reflected each other, graceful posture.In the nearby sea of flowers, snow wheel flowers, hei Lin grass, liu Chuangyu, chrysanthemum and other varieties are enjoying their best viewing season.Flowers form a sea of three colors, beautiful.Although people can’t come to the scenic spot to enjoy the scenery, they can enjoy the scenery through the public account of Hua Hua Marine Ecological Park without leaving home.Come to Jinshan mouth fishing village, we can see the staff are on the scenic area of the public area of daily elimination work.At the same time, the main roads leading to the scenic area have been controlled and no one is allowed in or out.Fishing village old street, along the street businesses are closed, no tourists of the old street, less fireworks, more peace and tranquility.Hope the general public to wait patiently, the epidemic will eventually dissipate, waiting for spring.Reporter | pinky correspondent | ShangXiaoJuan edit | shu Yin coordinating editor of dill to Lola | yu Yin Liu Jiayuan