Does the US army dare to fire on the PLA as soon as the Taiwan reunification gun rings?The latest us announcement came as no surprise

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, the US has been making a lot of moves on the Taiwan issue, not only approving arms sales to Taiwan again, but also releasing its first regional strategy report, the US Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, during the Biden administration.In particular, the report says the United States will devote more energy to the Indo-Pacific region, and will work with partners in and outside the region to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, including by supporting what it calls Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities.The US strategic report directly puts the Taiwan issue on the table. The US will “not allow the mainland to reunify Taiwan easily”.Critics believe that the report means the United States for a showdown in the Taiwan strait issue, and that is the case, with China’s foreign trade sustainable development economy, China’s “silk road” and promote the economic growth of China’s surrounding countries and development in the asia-pacific region growth, and the huge impact in epidemic in the United States, the economy was a great blow,The United States wants to use Taiwan to check China’s development and thus ensure its hegemony in the world today.On February 17, a reporter asked US Assistant Secretary of State Conda whether the US would send troops to help defend the Taiwan Strait if a war broke out.In response, Conda did not answer “hypothetical questions,” but emphasized the so-called Taiwan Relations Act, said the United States will continue to help Taiwan maintain a credible self-defense capability and said U.S. support helps maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.The latest statement by the US comes as no surprise.However, some “Taiwan independence” elements in the island think that with the help of the United States, they can be fearless. They think that once the PLA starts the steps of reunification, “the United States will surely come to Taiwan’s aid” and “the United States will surely dare to fire on the PLA”, and they even dream of resisting the mainland on this basis.But what is the reality?The US just wants to use Taiwan for its own purposes. Once Taiwan loses its use value, it will be thrown out without mercy.Learn to Ukraine, the United States for “Taiwan independence”, in Ukraine, the United States is standing in the Ukrainian side, has been rendered Russia opens the atmosphere of war at any time, biden said more than once to send troops to Ukraine “in the future will not under any circumstances”, because can’t afford to go to war with Russia.So if the US military cannot afford a war with Ukraine, can it afford a war with China?The United States has so many Allies in Europe who dare not send troops, and in the Pacific and Taiwan, it will certainly not dare to gamble for a decisive battle with China. Facts have repeatedly reminded “Taiwan independence” that if there is a conflict between the two sides, the United States will certainly not dare to come to the aid.Adopt fuzzy attitude to landing drills the United States on the Taiwan question, want to use Taiwan to contain China’s development, even stir up other countries intervene in the Taiwan issue, but can casually touch the Taiwan issue is not the United States, China has warned the United States cannot afford to “Taiwan independence” price: if both China and the us do not want to fight, to jointly oppose and curb the “Taiwan independence”, give peace a chance, let peace to win!The United States should not violate its commitment made when China and the United States established diplomatic relations, encourage “Taiwan independence” forces, and try to distort and hollow-out the One-China principle. This will not only bring Taiwan into an extremely dangerous situation, but also cause the United States to face an unbearable price.The article/breeze