“Bingdwen Dwen” Panyu sales point has opened online booking service. Booking orders have been booked until mid-April

2022-06-16 0 By

With the opening of the 2022 Beijing Olympics, a panda doll wearing a crystal shell as a new web celebrity was born, the citizens of panyu friends doesn’t mean his love of the ice and snow, in succession to wanda plaza is located in panyu of offline store, hope in the New Year “adopted” a home to belong to own ice mound mound,At present, the series of products related to the Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen are sold out.Sales of Winter Olympic-related souvenirs and mascots have surged since the games began.In the face of the current shortage of Winter Olympics souvenirs, the store manager said that the factory is working hard to increase production, and he also provides digital sales channels:All offline stores in Guangzhou have launched wechat mini programs for booking, on which customers can choose to pick up goods by express delivery or by picking up at offline sales points, realizing diversified purchasing methods.Customer registration appointment to buy games souvenir store staff said, including panyu wanda plaza, guangzhou three offline store, display the games souvenirs have few customers booking orders have to mid-april, plush dolls, desktop furnishing articles, key chain, and is popular with young people in recent years, sales of blind box series of relatively large.Among them, bing Dwen Dwen dolls are the most popular.It is reported that by February 8, the sales of peripheral products of this Winter Olympics will exceed 2.5 billion yuan, already exceeding the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong Media reporter Zhang Zhongming intern reporter Lei Shuyu he Jiajing