Benz Wiley four-wheel drive light truck, 4.3 l large displacement middle rear lock, front bathroom through bin

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Often in the outdoor travel is the need for a powerful, off-road ability of the rv, different from the general road version of the RV, today introduced this light truck rv, from the Mercedes Vario modified, the domestic market can not see the basic models, how its performance, below detailed understanding.Chassis from Mercedes Vario 818DA, displacement of 4.3 liters of diesel, power 130 kW, matching a manual transmission, optional automatic transmission, fuel tank volume of 170 liters, separate drop tank.Full – time all – wheel 4X4 drive system, middle and rear differential lock reducer.Full length: 6770mm, Width: 2190mm, height: 3170mm, wheelbase: 4250mm, trim mass: 6090 kg, payload: 1400 kg, total allowable mass: 7490 kg, tire size is R17.5 in.Case of 50 mm thick GRP (a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic) composite board material, completely no heat bridge insulation design, vehicle durable heat preservation effect is good, the cab is equipped with the branch above the guide plate and platform is convenient to place items, and a set of search light, lower axial-flow order have started skateboarding, tail astern dual cameras, two spare tire is fixed in the rear.Four 100Wp solar panels are installed above the roof.In the car, the rear horizontal bed is designed, the middle is the kitchen and booth, the front is an independent toilet, dry and wet separation design, the toilet is also installed with a secret door, open to enter the cockpit, this model is suitable for 2-3 people to use rest.The rear king-size bed is a fixed design for two people and measures 2000x1400mm, while the side seat can be put together into a single bed measuring 1850x700mm.Two beds for 2-3 people.Interior design is simple and practical, solid wood furniture and white wall plate echo each other, warm and comfortable.The front part is designed as an independent bathroom, and the secret door in the middle can be opened to directly connect the cockpit, making it very convenient to come in and out.The secret door design in the middle is the characteristic of the light truck, because the box is independent design, the front bin is relatively independent, so that the front and back can be opened and locked.Kitchen with binocular gas range, stainless steel wash basin and filter outlet, lower oven with 11kg gas bottle.Compressor refrigerator, 2 160Ah lithium batteries, diesel boiler heater, 16 litres of hot water, about 400 litres of fresh water with frost protection, about 70 litres of sewage heating with frost protection, also equipped with 3 10-litre direct drinking tanks.The inverter is 12V-230V and the power is 1700W.The front part of the vehicle is the toilet, which is designed to separate dry and wet. It is equipped with a toilet basin and a shower. The toilet is designed for both urination and defecation.This to Mercedes Wei Lei Vario to build light truck saloon car, four-wheel drive configuration power is strong, the appearance of domenely, practical and delicate interior, is a more mature model, car friends can do reference, if listed in the domestic market, should get good market feedback.