All municipal hospitals in Shanghai open emergency services as normal

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Source: Chinanews.comAll the municipal hospital emergency normal open in Shanghai To relieve the people “medical” Beijing, Shanghai, March 31 (Reuters) in 31 (reporter Chen jing) Shanghai COVID – 19 news conference the epidemic prevention and control work, vice secretary of municipal party committee, municipal government, secretary general of the Shanghai chun-lei ma said that Shanghai is medical resources in the city as a whole, strengthen people,In particular, a green channel for emergency medical treatment has been opened for personnel in the containment area.Emergency services at all city-level hospitals have been opened as normal to ease people’s difficulty in getting medical treatment.Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said the city’s medical and health systems are doing their best to provide daily medical services to the public, but there is still a gap between them and the actual demand.He said Shanghai has taken various measures to ease the pressure on medical treatment.At present, under the premise of standardized epidemic prevention, all emergency medical institutions at all levels in Shanghai have been opened.The committee made overall plans for the allocation of hemodialysis treatment resources in pudong New Area, and added equipment and relevant medical personnel to support the treatment of hemodialysis patients in Pudong New Area.At the same time, during the epidemic prevention and control period, medical institutions can reasonably increase the amount of drugs prescribed for a single time according to the actual situation of patients, and reduce the number of patients’ visits to medical institutions for dispensing drugs.For out-patient chronic diseases with “clear diagnosis, stable condition and long-term use of therapeutic drugs”, after the evaluation of the doctor meets the requirements, the maximum amount of drugs can be prescribed for three months at a time.Shanghai also publicized the contact numbers of designated medical institutions in the city’s closed and controlled areas, and designated special personnel to answer the calls, focusing on meeting the necessary medical needs of emergency patients.Wu jinglei said that recently, the 120 emergency center is under great pressure to receive and operate.Although Shanghai has taken emergency measures to increase first-aid capacity, the number of ambulances on duty has increased by nearly 50 percent and the workload has tripled.However, it still can not fully meet the needs of all patients, and there are also some problems of insufficient experience of individual staff and emergency response capacity.During the lockdown period of the second batch of screening areas from 3 am April 1 to 3 am April 5, Shanghai’s subway, bus, ferry, cruise taxi and online taxi will be adjusted.Liu Bin, deputy director of The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transport, said that in terms of rail transport, all rail transport stations in Puxi were closed.Public transportation: All bus lines in puxi lockdown area (airport line will be arranged separately) will be suspended;Bus lines passing through the lockdown area of Puxi will be detoured;Bus lines bound for Puxi in the containment area of the reduced operation.All cruise vehicle booking and scheduling platforms and online car booking platforms will suspend booking business in the lock-in area.A pass is required for cruise taxis engaged in transport to the restricted area.Road passenger transport: inter-provincial passenger transport and city chartered cars are suspended within the containment area.Railway: Jinshan railway all lines suspended;Shanghai West station, Nanxiang North station, Anting North Station, Anting West station, Songjiang station, Songjiang South station, Jinshan North station stop up and down passengers.Huangpu River ferry, three island passenger transport: all lines suspended.According to the introduction, at present, Shanghai’s aviation, railway is still in operation.In order to ensure the normal travel of passengers returning to Shanghai and those from Pudong, Shanghai Road Transport Bureau opened a new airport railway series special line.The line runs in both directions. Passengers need to take the same day’s air ticket or railway ticket and hold negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours.(after)